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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 2wt Reading Assignment & Reply to Sebai Maa #9370

Udja, Dua
2- What do you see is the greatest obstacle to your happiness & fulfillment in life?
#2 putting it that way my problem or the obstacle to my happiness & fulfillment in life is in my not being able to possess the needed energy, consistent motivations and movements towards my goals in life according to my knowledge and my desire/will to do what I would like to do at times. I am still battling with both my ariu and ego to carry out the necessary desires or duties of my higher self. I easily lose the power, energy or will to carry out my goals at times.

4- What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now?
In #4 the answer is no, I don’t mean that the relationship is the same. The Christians stole their religious myth from out of the ancient Egyptian religion about 500 to 700 years ago during the period of the New Era, the start of the modern times which we live in now. They change our myth, and didn’t include our rituals and left out our mystical teachings and practices within the stories that they made up about Jesus. They distorted the truth concerning Heru and his union with all of mankind (human beings). In the Christian story of the son of God, Jesus was born with powers and ability that no other being had or could have, who later had to sacrifice his life to carry out the will of God and this sacrifice in their story cause his blood to be able to save the world today, which is a lie that has control over the masses today. So there is truly a distorted relationship between the two stories of Heru & Jesus. Heru is a Neteru representing the will and the higher self within the self, who’s powers are in everyone and needs to be developed and cultivated to serve as the powerful force within self to conquer Set the lower nature of the self and help a person to create a balance between their lower and higher nature….

What was the same between the relationships concerning the two of them is that in the myth they were able to resurrect people from their sinful ways although Jesus was never able to do this. In both the myths stories Heru and Jesus was said to stop sin. Jesus was said to stop the sin in the world and Heru to conquer the sin of the lower nature within the human nature. Heru was given the power and wisdom to save his father kingdom and Jesus father never had a kingdom. Heru powers are within every human being and Jesus powers stood with him alone and no other being in the world had such abilities that he had. Heru is of the first religion and Jesus came with the New Era and Modern times. These teachings cause me to cultivate an illusory state of existence in the beginning process of my life, which made it more difficult for me to acknowledge truth.

6- Have you had any previous yoga instruction? If so where and what was (is) your experience?
#6 My answer is yes, the modern day yoga teachers just as those who teach Christianity have taken out the true relationship with god, the universe and union with the higher and lower self from their teachings, meaning from the ancient Egyptian sage teachings. They leave out the spirituality of the teachings and the relationship between man and God. They only deal with the physical aspects of the religious teachings that they are teachings the masses in today’s time. In both cases the true myth, ritual and mystical reality of true religion and yoga as a practice is missing. Both the yoga teacher and the Christianity teachings leave out God the creator, the true science of the universe and the science of human nature from their teachings. To join the human nature of the lower self with the higher self which is God to the self is only found within the ancient Egyptian mysteries called Sema Tawi, Shetaut Neter and the practice of Shedy to reach these goals that was originated in Africa by the Kemetic sage teachings/teachers and was the first people on earth to discover the wisdom and share it with the world.

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