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Asar Maat E

This message is posted on behalf of Uab Setna ***********.

Udja Sebai Maa/Sba Dja/Hemu, kindly find below my response to current assignment

The 3 precepts that I chose were #25; 26; and 37

Pt 2 -Why said assignments were chosen:

I would say that these 3 assignments were chosen because they do embody my personality or at the least, the direction where my energy mostly flows.

#25 – I have not allowed myself to be consumed by the fire of irritation, anger, fury rage:

The preceding precept relates to non-violence and as the saying goes it takes two for adversity to be active. So if one’s demeanor is one of tranquility, serenity, peace, balance etc, and if it is a domineering factor, you would find when interacting with ones’ self, that the thoughts are more aptly to be controlled and reflective of ones demeanor,The perception of ones’ everyday interaction and experience, is seen through those lens so to speak. Using the writings of the great Sage Meri-ka-ra, he says:

“For it is easy to destroy
Difficult to restore what one has damaged
To rebuild what one has demolished
Beware of it! An action is repaid by its like.
And to every action there is a consequence”

So in essence, when interacting with others, who are essentially an externalization of ones’ own consciousness, then it would be best to be mindful of the state of our minds, because in actuality we will be receiving what was created in our hearts and minds. Because what we create, we attract. Interesting thing is, when we interact with what we attracted, we oft times tend to lay it outside of ourselves, as if we didn’t had anything to do with it. In being the progenitor of right feeling, when interacting with a hot-bellied personality, you can see the effects of your personality wearing the other person down and also making them uneasy or uncomfortable of not knowing how to act or respond accordingly. We can also go further to speak of the health issues that are related to the shortness of breath, constricting of the arteries, etc.

#26 – I Have Not Stopped my ears Listening to the Words of Right or Wrong:
This precept speaks to my person as humility and its accompaniment – patience. In life based on our careers, social status,etc, there is a tendency to look at others with “lesser than” eyes and it shapes our consciousness. One may have the tendency to overlook someone who may not be familiar with the teachings, but its possible that individual may be sharing something that is key to ones evolution, however, if one is not humble enough, the opportunity is missed or overlooked. It is a factor that affects us unconsciously. So in interaction with others, we should be mindful of our own arrogance, haughtiness and aloofness. On this precept Sage Amenope says:

Give your ears, hear the sayings
Give your heart to understand them.
It is an advantage to put them in your heart.
If you neglect them, you will suffer!
Let them rest in the container of your belly,
May they be bolted in your heart.
When there rises a whirlwind of words,
They’ll be a mooring post for your tongue, a guide.
If you make your life with these in your heart, you will find it success and safety
You will find my words a storehouse for life. Your being will prosper while upon earth.

This precept also lends itself towards being constantly internalizing the process of our experiences, that aids in being a watcher of our thoughts, words and actions.

The 3rd precept of choice is #37: I Have not spoken with arrogance, conceit, puffed-up self-importance, air of superiority or with condescending attitude.

I think in an unconsciousness way I have been guilty of some of this in the past. So an observation can be made based on the curtailing of said disposition and a clear distinction can be seen or felt when this higher truth is expressed and experienced in the personality. It is an interesting dynamic, because when interacting with someone who is haughty, conceited etc, based on your own journey of expressing those lower energies, it puts you in a place of familiarity and you can first of all understand the persons expression…you can relate. You can measure how far you’ve come; you can be of some assistance whether directly or indirectly to aid in the other persons development as well as to bolster your own.

In summary, this exercise was an interesting one. Giving extra pause to the precepts as they are being re-read over and over again to ascertain line of question, actually led to an immersion, that was unexpected. Htp.

Ab Setna.