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Very good responses. Here are some follow-up feedbacks and additional questions
In #2 you stated the belief that you do not have obstacles to happiness and fulfillment. Theoretically since you are essentially the Divine, you indeed do not have obstacles. From the perspective of working through human conscience and feelings though are there any obstacles to reaching a point of no obstacles? If so what are they so that they may be faced and worked on?

In #4 you stated that: “I was taught as a child to practice Christianity and I see a relationship with Jesus and Heru, the child born to restore order and resurrect the people in the world.”
QUESTION: Do you mean here that the relationship with Jesus is the same as with Heru? If so how and if not how?

In #6 You stated about yoga teachers you encountered: “I would ask questions according to my teachings and they would look at me as if I was talking in a different language and not have an answer for me. Then I understood they only related to the physical aspects of yoga.”
QUESTION: Can this same issue apply to your previous Christian teachers? Specifically, if the yoga teachers were only dealing with the physical can it be also that the Christian church was also dealing only with the physical and not really spiritual aspects? If so going back to #4 what does this say about their rendition of Jesus and how does that relate to the comparison to Heru according to what you have learned so far through the wisdom of Shetaut Neter as put forth by Sebai MAA Dr Ashby?