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Lesson 6 neckline which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The word her s which means heavy or burdened and the word Aba ab- doing things self willed, from the desires of the heart/head/ feelings stuck out to me while reviewing the summary portion in the beginning of the lesson done by Sebai. the opposite of aba ab was said to be Maat Ari, doing things for from truth.
This speaks to me of the importance of staying within the crook and the flail of the preceptors. Everything takes energy and energy that is generated from eating, right actions and spiritual practice can be directed toward generation of more creations or building the Taffy Shepsy. Because the contents of one’s unconscious mind/ariu is unknown and directs one’s actions, thoughts and desires, it is imperative to differentiate between actions that arise from one’s own head, unpurified heart and feelings (even when the actions seem positive) from those that are being directed by own’s developing wisdom and higher intellect. This requires one who knows, the preceptors. Though Lady Aset has already passed this state of self willed actions due to her full development of khak ab,studying this teaching and gaining deeper insight into her process can lead one to feel that they have also reached this state and therefore not realize when unpurified ariu arise from the unconscious.

Reflection what teaching did you learn in the lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently in implementing on your personality mentally emotionally or otherwise to emulate the human lady upset on her path?

Therefore, the teaching I need to reflect on more diligently is inactivity, being still longer and more often. His needs to be applied more diligently physically- literally not moving, mentally- not creating more things and spiritually- extracting from the world and entering a space to having commune with the divine longer and more often. Also, to be a true aspirant/ student of the teachings and continuously surrender to the will of the Divine.