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RaKhem KhepeRa

What are the main teachings of this audio lecture?
Udja, there were several questions raised by Anpu-Aset that lead to some great insight by our Sebai. The biggest question I believe was, Why Shetau Neter? Shetaut Neter means hidden divinity and is the spiritual practice handed down by the sages that help one to understand the cosmic forces of the universe. Without this conduit of relation the understanding of the cosmic principles and the inner workings of The innermost self would be very difficult to unravel. The path of Shetaut Neter is not easy least ways, and there are many different aspect of the teachings that must be mastered. There was also another important question about purification that was posed. Is purification a prerequisite to understanding the teachings? Yes indeed they are as answered by Seba Maa and Seba Dja. Ariu which plays a huge part in purification as Seba Dja has stated may be accumulated over several lifetimes and one may be working on one of a few particular parts to the integral shedy in this lifetime. I thought that was truly profound. Purification in itself must be gone through so that the body becomes a proper vessel for divine work and lightness of heart must ensue onto the personality before one may understand the higher teachings because of the ignorance that has been built up over time through negative actions and hekau. We do this through doing the work, the work being our enrollment in solving the issues of the past ariu,with the correct attitude,working to develop more positiveness and upfullness in the place of that which is gross and degraded. This if course is done through the integral yogic process. When you are coming from a place of mastery over the forces instead of being a slave to them, then you have become a proper vessel for understanding and u have eradicated your ego ignorances and fetters. This is the point of yoga, integral shedy and Shetaut Neter. This is the why , also there are no other religions that require these types of practices in such a way. This may be also the cause for some haphazardness and ignorances left in the world even though there are religions present. That too was a very powerful Hekau.
Htp .

Are you currently implementing the teachings, if so which ones? Ny, the integral Shedy 3x daily is a blessing for my self, building re-membering positive ariu , devotion (serving the other as the divine) (divine working through you) the Yoga of tjef neteru postures. The serpent power yoga, sublimation. kemetic diet, selfless service, and yoga of meditation.formal and informal.

Dua , to Seba Maa , Seba Dja and Anpu Aset for this presentation of the teachings.
Aspirant Rakhem