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This is a foundational lesson about the fundamental underpinnings of the Neterian Teachings. You have correctly reported on the questions asked in the lesson. From here it is important to maintain these foundational teachings, foremost in mind, as a basis for constructing philosophical edifice, like a temple, wherein the mind of an aspirant can live and find comfort, strength and insights even while carrying on the duties to sustain life.

Therefore, though the statements of the lesson may have been answered, still there is left the task of attaining deeper understanding and experience of their deeper wisdom.

In addition to your statement about initiation and the Initiatic way of education, it is important to understand that initiation is a process and not an event. The process involved succeeding levels of higher experience and understanding about the nature of self, Creation and the Divine. Therefore, an aspirant should seek to rise with succeeding levels of insight that are built upon the last and never be complacent or satisfied with lower attainments, until the goal of life is attained. Thus, as these early lessons of the path of Shetaut Neter study proceed, let them be permeated by the notion of tools that are to be used on the spiritual path of life that will allow the muddy waters of the mind born of delusions, to give way to the lotus heart of the rising Lord of the Lotus, Nefertem, the very nature of spiritual mastery of the inner Spirit in all.