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Indeed, you started out your post noting the importance of the purpose of life. This statement by the sages (“ men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue, cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily disciplines.”), cannot be overemphasized as this is the supreme mission of a human being that is usurped by the desires of egoism, which are as fleeting as they are illusory, leading to human misery and the missing of the opportunity to discover the nature of the Divine within and without.

You mentioned the Songs of the Harper. Just two Saturdays ago, on the 2018 Neterian Conference Replay #1 a new original translation was presented. This allowed the opportunity to bring forth even deeper insights as had been done previously; so you are invited to check that out.

You also mentioned in your impressions, about the extensive text and the massive monuments that required exacting knowledge and capacity by the men and women who conceived, commissioned, organized and constructed them. These creations, along with our capacity to understand and make use of them, are the tools for making the purpose of life possible and effective. Therefore, the factor of their existence and their historical context being understood, provides a firm foundation to proceed on the spiritual path.

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