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RaKhem KhepeRa

Level 1 video assignment ,into to SN part 1b mp4
Udja, Seba Dja, Seba Maa .

Important themes presented? The purpose of life, following the proverb, “ men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue, cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily disciplines.” Achieving a state of consciousness apart from bodily concerns and freeing the soul from its bodily fetters. The songs of the Harper break this well needed concept down into an outlook or perspective one may carry along the path to Nehast.
-The origins of Religious sciences dating back to earlier than 10,500 b.c.e evidences given by water damage on the Horemaket.
-Sema Tawi or the union of the higher and lower self (higher and lower Kemet). Symbolized by the battle between Set and Heru and the Asarian Ressurection Myth.
-Shemsu Neter or the followers of divinity , followers of the Neteru/ cosmic principlesemanated by the all encompassing. Becoming ,walking, talking, acting like the divinities.
-Khepri Ra the founder , the creation myth and how it pertains to the cycle of humanity. Seba Maa introduced the notion of a pattern, divine manifesting as creation which we are all apart of wherein life has created obstructions in our understanding. He goes on to say that turning towards the divine Eliminates these obstructions. With shedy we are transformed into that which is maakheru or true of speech word and deed, gaining that deeper awareness and innerstanding.

What impressed me most in this presentation was the explanations of the purpose of life, the origins of the religious sciences and the evidence/extensive texts that are associated with them. Knowing that not only is the kemetic founding knowledge the most extensively documented but also being able to walk in the temples tombs and monuments and feel that reinforced energy that was put into the maintenance and construction/engineering. It’s awe inspiring to say the least.
Dua and Hetep
Aspirant Rakhem KhepeRa