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Maat Middleton

My Spirituality
I am most grateful and thankful for the ancient African Egyptian Sage teachings provided for all the aspirants in search of their true self as well as myself, Dua to both Sebai Maa & Seba Dja for returning to the world in this life time to bring the world these religious Shetaut traditions and the Sema Tawi disciplines so that I/we can have a fair chance to become enlighten and discover supreme peace, abiding happiness and fulfillment of our/my life’s purpose and promote peace and harmony for the world..

One of my questions is how do an aspirant go about doing their devotional prayers in public places or when they are not at home by their prayer shrine?

I remember as a teenager how my mother kept a shrine and made me out of all of her sons and daughters take care of the up keep of her shrine. I can remember her ever taking us to any Church but she did take me to some Rev Ike outdoor tent events 2 or 3 times. She would just tell me where to move things around on her shrine and to light candles. She never explained anything to me about what I was doing and I always thought it was taboo. My first introductions to religion that I can remember is being in the fostered home going to Church every Sunday in a Christian household. I guess my mother was practicing some kind of African religious teachings for the use of her shrine anyway after the death of my father she had me to set up a shrine for him. Either way as the years passed and before her death I had learn to build my own Shrine from a group called the Ausar & Auset Society where I first learned about Asar, Aset and Heru, and the ancient Egyptian teachings from that group, but I never heard them mention Neberdjer but I learnt what they taught about the Neterian myth of the Asarian Resurrection.

I have been coming forward within my own time and errors in life, now I am experiencing a great deal of motivation and support in my practicing Shedy as a follower of the teachings. I find that over the years on my journey to become a goddess I am very satisfied with the learning and teachings process you provide for the growth and development of us. I have no real reason to be amazed mentally, spiritually and emotionally but I find myself as such. In reality the Shetaut Neter is an Ancient Sage African Religious teachings that has govern the world, the universe and everything in it, so I find myself absorbed within the process as I move forward into the teachings of the knowledge of my true self. I am beginning to see myself cleansing and purifying my mind, body, emotions and will to live Maat and become Maakheru.

In all that I am adding to my life from the teachings and practices I an also going to add the reading of the Neterian Creed back to my daily prayers,I was often leaving it out, but it seems like something has come over me and wants me to add that part of the prayers regularly because of the cleansing and purification of the ego-conscious, and the other areas of consciousness within my being. At first I wondered how in this world would I be able to become enlighten in this life time at my age. Now I find out that doing the practice and living Maat to the best of my ability is allowing me to grow in a very humble way which seems to be happening in a timely manner within my existence as if some magic has happened. Although I feel like I have to continue in caution and understanding of my true self and while learning the process of turning my anguish, disappointment and pain from interacting in the world into a desire to rise above it as I partake of the guidance and wisdom of the spiritual preceptors training and the help and support of my mentor. I am surely feeling and experiencing myself as a goddess wakening up out of a sort of dream or sleep. It like I have been sitting and waiting on myself to come alive.

Being that I had begun my learning about the Ancient Kamit Egyptian Sage teachings in my mid twenty’s and was able to do what I could to teach my children the teachings and feed them vegetarian food when they were all children and even though I didn’t at that time follow the teachings and practice 100% all the way here, I sense that I need to continue to teach and set an example of my learning before them even thought they are adults with their own children now. When I lived that way with my children when they were children I experienced the most happiest times with them in my home as I remember. I got off the path and it seemed that everything got messed up but everything is as it should be and because of the illusory parts of it all I am asking you what to do about my desire and will to return myself and what I stood for way back then into a reality in our present lives. I don’t know how much life I have left within this body but I do know that I want to live and speak my truth concerning Neberdjer, all the Neteru’s that represent me and live out my Kamitian religion. I feel like my children have been waiting for me to rise up and continue in a strange way. Can you explain to me what is this process that I am going through? I know that I am happy with the teachings and I am becoming more devoted to do the practices, just have to add on my daily yoga posture practice in the mornings daily, I am working toward that, making sure that I build up longer endurance within my meditation time. I do feel better and good about being a goddess and removing much of my ways and habits from the practices of the western world or the world period. I am also getting much better at wanting to serve and be devoted to Aset and Aset within me alone, I am still working on it and that appears to be the greatest goal to achieve for my personal development. I have to be more of my true self now because the voice within me is speaking more clearly when it comes to my desire to live righteously (Maat).

I really and truly feel like I am on the right path and on the right track with my learnings and practices. My next question is why are the illusory issues that can block my path now that I may have over looked?
Dua, Ankh, Udja, Seneb, Om Htp, Om Htp, Om Htp, Om Htp