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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 1 Reading Assignment
Introduction into Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook Page 10-20

!- What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?
Thy are the same people who were originally a colony that came from the south to the north east part of Africa under the terms of “Ethiopians”, “Nubian” and “Kushite”. They were the people of the black land, Land of the Black and its people. They sprung from the soil itself.

Topic #3 who were the Ancient Egyptian?
They provided the world with the greatest secret of human existence. They provided the world with the first “historical” record of Yoga Philosophy & Religious Literature called Shetaut Neter, its language and symbols.
The people of the “black land” and or the “land of the Blacks,” They were originally a colony of Ethiopians from the south who came to the north east part of Africa. They were the “Ethiopians”, “Nubian” and “Kushite” who lived south of Egypt. They were the first of all men, natives of the land and so justly bear the name of autochthones (sprung from the soil itself), is they maintain, conceded by practically all men…”

Topic #4 what is Yoga Philosophy?
An Egyptian Religion or Mythology developed in Africa over seven thousand years ago that provides the greatest secrets on human existence, a new way to look at life, religion, the discipline of psychology and the way to spiritual development leading to spiritual enlightenment. The teachings leading to the union of the individual soul with the universal soul or supreme consciousness, that gives every individual insight into their own divine nature and also a deeper insight into all religions and yoga systems.

Question: What is the Initiates way of education?
The study and practice of transpersonal disciplines. Activities which lead to purification of the heart. When an aspirant is initiated into a philosophy and way of life which he or she needs to learn and practice by studying, reflecting and meditating on the teachings, having made a conscious choice to adopt the teaching and to embark on the task of basing one’s life on it in order to purify one’s mind and body through the teaching to become a conduit of transcendental forms of experience. It involves listening to study of and meditation upon the teachings in a proper environment and with proper guidance.

Topic #6 what is Initiation?
Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey of spiritual living which leads to spiritual enlightenment.

How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
They should think about it as a way to turn anguish, disappointment and pain from interacting in the world into a desire to rise above it symbolized by the Lotus rising out of the muddy water.

Dua, HTP