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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 1 Audio Assignment
File: GS12- An Evening w Sebai Maa and Seba Dja Why is Shetaut Neter Important Show_3576833.mp3

1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording?

The main teachings were surrounding the practice of the Shetaut Neter, true happiness and what it takes for an aspirant to take a full path of understanding their ultimate oneness with the divine and how to transcend their worldly personality and enter spiritual enlightenment in the correct way.

The practice of the Shetaut Neter is an Ancient African Religious Sage Teachings and the practices is called Shedy which purify the personality with the 5 principles that are embodied within all people and how the Neteru’s like Aset (our intellect), Asar (the soul) Seth (the ego structure), Nebthet (the desire) and Heru (the redemption of truth within the human being) are apart of our makeup and support us. Shedy is the means designed by the sages of Ancient Kamit to facilitate the process of self-knowledge and the union of the individual soul with the universal soul or supreme consciousness and enlightenment. The Shedy practice cleanses, purifies and balance the aspirant mind, emotions and will power. This allows them to reach a point within themselves spiritually that will enable them to experience truth, balance, detachment, dispassion, true happiness and Nehast.

Doing Shedy in the proper way is a balance way to study profoundly, to penetrate the mysteries (Shedy) and discover the nature of the Divine within the Self and the universe. Shedy is designed to purify the personality as it teaches the aspirant to integrate their whole personality within the practicing’s of the Shetaut Neter system by the means of devotion to studying the wisdom teachings, penetrating the teachings with meditation, prayers, chanting, rituals, offerings, yoga postures, healthy diet, exercises, selfless services and living Maat. By using these means together in a balance integrated way designed by the Ancient Sages wisdom teaching an aspirant can become enlighten and live a life free of pain and sorrows.

The wisdom aspect of the self has to go through a special process, the emotions, the mind, the body and the will has to go through a purification process which supports and allows the whole being to go through transformation only when the whole process of Shedy is practice in a integrated way properly.

Shedy is the pathway to harmonize the self with the Supreme being and their higher self in relations to the Supreme being. Shedy normalized the ego-self. Doing Shedy teaches how the Neteru’s assist the aspirants in the knowledge and practice of the teachings being the living reality within the aspirants life and always has been. Learning the Myth, Ritual-Mysticism which are the spiritual discipline to bring harmony and balance to the personality, when all the teachings are acknowledged and brought together one can then practice Shedy to purify the intelligent and become compatible and in zine with their higher nature the self and Nehast.

The aspirant has to learn how to detach themselves in the correct manner from anger, hatred, jealousy, all types of negative habits learned and the many forms of worldly entertainments and socializing that has created the wrong characteristic within the personality that has been practice over the many years of life. All of this will take time and is very possible when one become devoted and dedicated to the Shedy practices and the ancient wisdom sage teachings. The purifying of the mind, body and will comes from a balance practice with the special efforts to practice daily disciplines with consistency, devotion and dedication.

2- Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and the lecture? If so which one (s)?

I am currently implementing the teachings and the lectures and the books within my day and thoughts. I am using the wisdom teachings by means of online classes, the chat room, studying the books, radio broadcast, reflecting on the teachings and meditating on the teachings, using a mentor and a spiritual preceptor. I am seeking to do the daily worship prayers for the morning, noon and evening as much as possible, chanting. I am implementing the giving of offerings to the divine. I am also training myself to do the Yoga exercises with the postures of the Gods and Goddesses, I am eating a vegetarian diet, I am seeking the company of likeminded associate as I continue to cleanse. I am staying away from unnecessary social and worldly attachments and people, entertainments to have more time to practice Shedy and Study the wisdom teachings. I am also doing selfless service when it becomes possible for me to do so. I am grateful to have brought myself this far in my life and for all the Gods and Goddesses that have come to acknowledge their true selves and will assist me as I am assisting myself. Udja, m Htp