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Maat Middleton

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Udja, What the Neterian spirituality is all about and how it relates to my previous understanding of Shetaut Neter. The Neterian Religion is based on Shetaut Neter. The Neterian spirituality is about penetrating the mysteries of life and the Supreme Being Neberdjer. It is also a process of cleansing and purifying the entire personality including the body, mind and soul. The process is called Shedy which is the spiritual practices a aspirant uses to change their lifestyle and to conform themselves into the wisdom of the discipline of the Neterian teachings. The ancient sages have left the Neterian spirituality and Shedy teachings in the world on the Walls of ancient Egypt in hieroglyphic scripture, and books and due to people and spirits like Sebai Maa and Seba Dja we have the ancient practices in the form of Audio, video, lectures and books for our study, reflection and meditation to help us penetrate the mysteries of life. Including within these is right actions and a diet base on vegetarian food diet and supplements. So the Neterian spirituality is the Ancient Egyptian Kemetic spirituality called and practice as Shedy. Shedy are the spiritual disciplines that a practitioner needs to follow and practice in order to enlighten their personality and to cleanse their heart, to lead the self into the development of wisdom, this includes doing the postures of the Gods and Goddesses, study of the teachings, the devotional program, acting with righteousness, order and truth in life practice and are the basic disciplines.

My previous understanding Shetaut was in the reading of the books, thinking I could get the wisdom teachings without a spiritual preceptors guidance. It’s very important for one to have a spiritual preceptor to guide you along your path because you have not develop yet in experience and understanding of the teachings and can easy lead yourself astray from understanding the wisdom teachings and proper practices.

I also learnt that the spirit is the higher reality although the masses are lost in thinking that the body, the mind and material possession are most important in this western society because that is what is being learnt and taught in western society and the societies at large. I came to the understanding that Kemet is the oldest civilization in history and that civilization was the art of being civil. Prior to the year 0 (zero) we had 10,000 years of Kemetic African Religion. The system by which we live in, this western culture is apart of the new order of the Common Era that these new religions brought out of Ancient Egypt before and after it was conquered and destroyed. The Ancient African Civilization was the first and greatest civilization ever know the mankind. Kamit was doing Sema Tawi which is apart of Shedy called Egyptian Yoga for decades before any of the Common Era new religious practices where ever known. In today’s society the western practices of Yoga has removed the ancient philosophy and meaning from yoga and its real practice. Most all the new religions got their base from ancient Kamit.

In my experience the practice of the wisdom teachings led the aspirants into divine change that is a natural response from the righteous spiritual practice and cultivations of Shedy and the practice of the Gods and Goddesses which are our head way to spiritual divinity within us all, they assist the mind in gaining higher insight into the Supreme Being. So as a aspirant learn the teachings and studies them and practice them adding the Kemetic diet within the penetration of meditation and adding the Shedy Neter (Secret about the Divine Self) practices into their lives and allowing them to create a righteous change within their personality and lifestyle the magic of the self begins to move further and further away from the illusory of the world into abiding truth and happiness. One must become devoted to the self and the self alone for this to happen, so there is so much to learn and know in order to reach Nehast. So knowing the Neterian Religion came first in history allows me to understand how thing came to be in this day and time. The study of the Neterian Religion and history allows me the understanding of how a spiritual aspirant is to understand that he/she has incarnated on earth and has been dismembered by egoistic thoughts and actions, However, by gaining an understanding of the hidden mysteries, it is possible to reach a state of beatitude and resurrection, just as Asar.

The Neterian Spirituality relates to my previous understanding of Shetaut Neter as a divine form of spiritual transformation and enlightenment that one will need the help, support and assistance of a spiritual preceptor to guide you. Specifically, we need to focus on Kemeticism as a system for psychological transformation wherein the individual ceases to be a limited individual, subject to the foibles and follies of human nature, and attains the state of transcendence of these failings.

This is a nice class and it covered a lot of stuff that I was exposed to before hand. I didn’t take down as many notes as I could have but I believe I have a general understanding of the basic knowledge of this class. I couldn’t see the scene to well at times because for me it wasn’t always clear. Dua, m Htp.