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Maat Middleton

Notes on the most important themes I heard.

1. When human beings become too involved in the world they forget their true nature.
2. Woman and men are immortal Goddesses and Gods.
3. The Temples is such a place to relieve the mind and it’s teachings are needed so that the mind can become aware of higher possibilities and turn away from Unit-ab-“mental dullness” due to Khemn,”ignorance,” and be led to Nehast-“resurrection, spiritual awakening,”Akhu” “enlightenment.”
4. The Four Main Disciplines of Yoga, Integral (Holistic) Yoga: Love, Contentment, Understanding, Peace, Fulfillment. Mind/Devotion, Emotions/Wisdom, Actions/Righteousness, Will of the personality/Meditation.
5. You are the Divine Self, your True Essence is the Ausar.
6. The Sky Goddess Nut, the Blue Sky is your Higher Self, the True Happiness of your Higher Nature.
7. True-Abiding Happiness “vs” Transient-Happening-Dependent” Happiness (Pleasure).
8. Pleasure Alternates with Pain…A Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions.
9. Pleasure vs (True-Abiding) Happiness.
10. Conditional Happiness…more accurately termed Pleasure.
11. Knowing that you can be happy no matter what’s going on in your life.
12. Prosperity (Good Times) and adversity (Difficult Times), are both Part of Practical Reality.
13. Reflection is the business of Human Kind, sense of their state is the first duty. Your first duty is the knowledge of self.
14. 3 Paths of Adversity: Soften (Spiritual) or Harden (Ego) or go Numb (ego).
Self-Compassion, Gentleness, Learning to feel but not be led by your feelings.
15. Through Integral Shedy: Accept Highs and Lows….”Fact of Life” and ALSO Discover what is beneath the Highs and Lows.
Adversity: Reflect: Try to figure out the spiritual lesson.
Prosperity: Reflect: Appreciate things going well…Intensify Shedy.
Adversity: Reflect: Figure out what you need to do in light of situation…in line with your spiritual.
Prosperity: Reflect: Appreciate things going well…Intensify Knumt Nefer.
Adversity: Practice applying the teachings- in daily life when presented Adversity…These are opportunities
(practice sessions) for acting in a spiritually mature manner, practice makes perfect.
Prosperity: Reflect: Appreciate things going well…Intensify Shedy.
Adversity: Mystical teachings proficiency test- demonstrate spiritual maturity- lesson learned.
16. KMT: Wisdom Teachings: See that prosperity elate not thine heart above measure; neither adversity depress thine mind unto the depths, because fortune bearish hard against you, their smiles are not stable, therefore build not thy confidence upon them; their frowns endure not forever, therefore let hope teach you patience.
17. Daily Life Process: Checking things off of your TTD List (bad ariu/Karma)
18. Happiness as your Essential Nature….State of being….Not dependent on Happening.
19. Daily Process: Checking things off of your TTD List (bad ariu/Karma)
20. The universe test you, that Karma/ariu, if you don’t act correctly it will present itself again, not to punish
you, not good or bad Karma, if you don’t past it will come back again, It keeps coming up until you learn the
lesson, detachment, self-forgiveness, self-compassion etc..
21. NUK NUT Metaphor of the Sky (to give insight into your understanding of yourself).
22. Set= the ego personality, “Lower Self” “Ignorance of Self” “Lack of Self-Knowledge” I am a individual separate
from all things. I am Lonely, I am this body-mind complex.
23. Ch 4 PMH Verse 28: It is Heru when he has tow heads one being with Maat and the other being with
24. Your peace and happiness come from your higher essence.
25. I am the Eternal Self. I am the Essence of all things. I alone am (in the opposite I am lonely). I am all
that is ( the opposite is I am this body-mind complex).
26. When you become purified, you realize that you always was.
27. Soul vs (individual) Soul- is the little patch of Blue Sky that has been conditioned, there is only one soul.
28. 3 types of Egoistic clouds (states of mind) Dull, Agitated, Agitated-Lucid.
Dull Ument-Ab
Agitated Neshsh
Lucid- Beg- To be Bight, to see.
29. Things to do list. Control your actions. These are known as the tem virtues of the initiates.
(1) ‘Control your thoughts”
(2) “Control your actions,”
(3) “Have devotion of purpose,”
(4) “Have faith in your master’s ability to lead you along the path of truth,”
(5) “Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth,”
(6) “Have faith in your ability to act with wisdom,”
(7) “Be free from resentment under the experience of persecution (Bear insult)
(8) “Be free from resentment under experience of wrong,” (Bear injury)
(9) “Learn how to distinguish between right and wrong,”
(10)”Learn to distinguish the real from the unreal,”
30. 4 Type of Mental Cloud: Thinned Out “Lucidity: Enlightened Sage- “No Mind” Ego-less.
31. Characteristic & Qualities of the Agitated State of Mind: Likes, Attachment, Dislikes, Hatred, Individuality,
Cravings, Desires, Longings, Past- Future, guilt, Shame, Merging with Objects/Situation, etc., I would be happy
, Greed, Jealousy, Incompleteness, Loneliness.
32. Control your thoughts.
33. Planet Earth: The School of Spiritual Evolution.
34. Dull- Selfless Service- Devotion- Meditation- Agitated State.
35. Emotion- Devotion- Dull Agitated
Reason- Wisdom- Lucid
Action- Selfless- Dull State
Will- Meditation- Agitated
36. NUK MUT: Meditation on NUK – I am affirmation (negating ego-cloud like identity)
Meditation on Detachment from the Clouds.
37. No Questions.
M HTP. Dua