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Maat Middleton

Kemet 101 Lesson 10
A- Notes on the most important themes I heard & B- Notes which I thought was most important and why? with C- for my questions.
1. Setjert = blood + beer + mandrake
Blood + intoxication with worldly desires, it is the ego, I am the body flesh and blood, I eat meat, I eat bodies etc.
Beer + intoxication with worldly pleasure = ignorance = actions seeking happiness in time & space.
Mandrake = God stuff, intoxication with the bau (souls) of Ra, with fullness, infinity peace that comes through self-knowledge.
2. We are the eye of Ra and need to be healed.
3. Sheta or Shetau – hidden – difficult to understand – mystery – hard to get through
Sheta Khepera – hidden creator of forms
Shetitu – or writing related to the hidden teachings
Shet – Ta – land covered by the Nile flood.
Shetu – the secret – hidden Divinity
Shetau Ast – Divinity in the hidden abode – throne
Shetai – hidden – secret being is = God the Divine Essential Nature
4. (B) What is Shetaut Neter?
“The teaching about the secret, hidden, Divinity (Supreme Being)””Earliest documented (written)African term for “Religion”
5. Egyptian Mysteries
Lower Mysteries (Intellectual Knowledge) Higher Mysteries (Intuitional Knowledge)
6. Shetaut Neter is the first Religion
7. (B) Who was the Founder of Neterianism?
Lord Kephri Creator.
8. Our Divine Lineage = Lord Kephri – Djehuty – Aset – Asar – Het Heru
9. Lineage of Shetaut Neter: We are link to the lineage by the life force and not the blood.
10. Our Sacred Scriptures of Shetaut Neter
(Mythic Scriptures)
Shetaut Asat – Aset – Heru
Shetaut Atum – Ra
Shetaut Ptah

(Mystical Ritual Philosophy Literature)
Pyramid Texts
Coffin Texts
Papytus Text

(Wisdom Texts Literature)
Wisdom Text
Maat Declarations Literature
11. (B) What do we Neterian s believe: The Four Great Truths Shetaut Neter Philosophy, The Neterian Creed?
12. Our teachings guide us as to the purpose of life & How to attain that goal.
13. Our teaching lead us to attain the Great Awakening. Nehast.
14. (Importance of Integral Yoga)
15. (Integral Holistic Yoga)
Will – Action – Intellect – Emotions.
Emotion = (Devotional Love) – Reason = (Wisdom) – Action = (Righteousness – Virtue) Will = (Meditation)
16. Tenem “Losing the way, wandering, lost, turned away from.
17. Devotion to the Divine should increase and there should be increasing turning away from worldly egoistic ideals & desires.
18. the final objective of the mysteries is to be able to say Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter- ‘I am that I am (Asar the Divinity)

C- Questions
1. Shetaut Neter is the first Religion and therefore is it true that to practice Shetaut Neter an aspirant will receive the same powers and benefits over the self as the spirits did in ancient times way back in 10,000 BC?

2. As we are spirits and not the body and the blood what type of change needs to take place within our minds and body that would allow us to acknowledge our true selves and cause us to master our lower and higher self and bring them into a balance state of being while we are still in our flesh and how many years does this take?

3. These teachings are meant to prepare us for death, so what is the state of mind an aspirant has to develop for death and making that transition to be understood?

4. Will there ever be a future where there will be many people at a time gathering around for the teachings of Shetaut Neter because it’s the oldest religion in the world? Meaning will there ever again be a time upon the earth that the masses will come forward again seeking to learn the teaching of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, the secret and hidden divinity of the Supreme Being and the self?

5. With the global warming and mass destruction coming forward upon the earth and the difference in those who dedicate themselves to the practice of Shetaut Neter and what is the benefit of the truth and the development of the self as Gods and Goddesses?

6. What is going to happen to the masses who don’t acknowledge the teachings and practice Shedy to achieve righteousness and the great awakening, Nehast?

Dua, m htp