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I offer the following reflections on the 2019 Conference Rituals.


I have always enjoyed welcoming new initiates into the Temple of Shetaut Neter as Shemsu. Firstly, I understand that they have chosen the path of Initiation of their own free will, which translates to true commitment. It seems each new initiate brings with them their own personal experience with the teachings which benefits the Temple body as a whole.
The well established ritual of Initiation, I feel, is in keeping with the ancient practice of the Temple and provides for an authentic experience. If I were to add anything to the ritual experience it would be a brief Glorious Light Meditation at the close, just before the introductions and advice to the new Shemsu. Because of its “I am” focus it would be a reminder to the initiate of their true nature. However, the Initiation Ritual as it stands is most effective.

Temple of Aset Bastu Ritual

First, I must express my sincere gratitude to Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for allowing me to partake of the Divine through the Tyet (Blood of Aset) Ritual. It began with providing the understanding of the meaning and purpose of the ritual in an authentic Kemetic way. This is important to me because it establishes a continuity between the living ancient Kemetic Temple with the present day practice.
It was also important to me to properly prepare for the Ritual in advance by familiarizing myself with the ritual objects by holding them, smelling them, etc. In this way a personal connection was made that proved to be powerful. In preparation prior to to the actual Temple Ritual I fasted, by skipping dinner that night, and by taking a purification shower. I wanted to be a worthy vessel for the Divine.
Once the procession started I ceased to think about myself and became an instrument of the Divine. Although I would not call it an out-of-body experience, this becoming an instrument of Aset is what carried me throughout the Ritual to its conclusion. I gained a deeper insight into the Akhu aspect of the Tyet, which had previously escaped me, even though I wear the symbol of the Tyet on my finger daily. Thus, the Mystery of the Tyet has unfolded and opened, just as the water lily that played an active part in the Ritual opened to reveal its glory each morning with the sunrise.
After the Ritual was complete I found that I was not hungry, even though I had not eaten supper, because by consuming Spirit I was sustained. One participant of the conference remarked that the ceremony felt as if it was like the “true Temple of Aset.” There could have been no greater music to my ears as one of the acting Unuts of the Temple of Aset.

Hemu Temple Ritual

I was most impressed by the attention to sparing no details in the Hemu Temple Ritual. It was as if being transported back in time to ancient Kemet when I gazed upon the shrine containing a small image of the Ba within. Time and space ceased to exist and I became caught up in the pageantry of the shrine, carried by the Unut Priests to rest near the alter.
The powerful image of the Ba hovering over the gilded mummy case figure brought to mind the profound lesson that had been revealed just earlier in the day…about the Ba gazing upon the beautiful idealized body of the deceased within to entice the Ba. I was moved by the care that was given by the Hemu in executing this Divine ritual. All present were mesmerized and spiritualized with this Ritual, befitting of our Kemetic ancestors and the Divine.

Shems Heryt