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Maat Middleton

A- Note on the most important themes I heard and B- Notes which I thought was most important and why?
1. Shetaut Neter is the earliest known advantaged practice of religion in human history.
2. All religions that we know of came after the Shetaut Neter. The Buddhist, the Christian, Islam, Native American and etc.
3. The Neterian culture came first in history. Later on the Western and some Eastern religion came into being that created their teachings from their associations with the Kemetic culture.
4. We have the Sema Institute which is like an educational branch of Shetaut Neter and then we have the Temple of Shetaut Neter-Aset.
5. Sema Institute has the Sema University, A Bachelor Degree Program, Book Store, Audio Tapes and Video’s.
6. The Temple of Shetaut Neter – Aset has the Priesthood, Spiritual Counseling, Initiations, and Spiritual Worship Programs.
7 (B- Who are we? We are not a church – not a cult – not new age, not Masons, etc. We are Kamitan – African Religion.
8 (B- When was Neterian Religion Practiced? In 10.000 BC.
9. The year 0 is what we call the Common Era, before is used to be called as the birth of Jesus, the time when most of the people of the world decided to follow Western culture and say that this is where we will refer our date and calendar from.
10. Before the Common Era, we had to go back 10.000 BC for some of the earliest remaining monuments of Kemet.
11. In 3,500 pre- Judah, pre- Islam and the Indus Valley culture was coming in and all these religions were actually related to Ancient Kemet.
12. When Islam came in, Muhammad and his followers set out to stop the practice of the pre-Islamic religions, the same thing the Christians did.
13. The cross symbol was actually a Kemetic symbol that the Christians adopted and now everyone believes it a Christian symbol but it’s a Kemetic symbol based on the Ankh.
14. In 550 BC we have the major world religion that we know of today as Buddhism, Taoism, the classical Greek culture, we have Judaism coming in and with the year 0 we have the Common Era where we are today.
15. So prior to 0 we have 10.000 years of religious practice, prior to the main world religions we have today.
16. The Dogon from West Africa are descendants of Shetaut Neter.
17. The Yoruba culture came out of Kemet, Buddhism and Hinduism all had a relationship with Shetaut Neter, they base their teachings on the Shetaut Neter.
18. Lots of the concepts of Christianity came of Kemet.
19 (B- Who are the founder of Neterianism?
Khepera gave the teachings, Djehuty wrote them down, Khepera came into being and he created the universe, he created the Gods and Goddesses, he created human beings and he told a philosophy, that philosophy that he told was called Shetaut Neter and he told the teachings to Asar and Aset. Khepera asked Asar and Aset to come down to the world and to be teachers for human beings, to show them civilization and how to do farming. Djehuty wrote down the teaching Khepera had given, then Asar developed the religion itself and Aset taught the hidden mysteries philosophy.
20. Heru is the son of Asar and Aset, the soul and the spirit joined with wisdom.
21. The term Shetaut Neter means (Shetaut) secret, Neter means Divinity, the teaching about the secret, hidden, Supreme Being.
22 (B- Who are the Neterians?
They are the ones who follow a Neterian path, a person who follows the teachings of Shetaut Neter. ” Shemsu Neter” one who acts like the divine.
23. All life is composed of cosmic power.
24. The Neteru may be depicted anthropomorphically or zoomorphically in accordance with the teaching about Neter that is being conveyed through them.
25. The 3 stages of religion, or level of religion:
Myth: Mafnu- Legend, story, myth
Ritual: Aru- ritual – ceremony and the
Mystical: The myth is given through
Sdjedt- story telling -speak proverbs – speak tales, in the myth stage the
Shemsu- Followers of a religion learn about its story. This story is not primarily historical although it may have historical elements.
26. Sema is the union of the higher and lower self, Heru and Seth, we must learn how to unite our higher and lower self.
27. Heru is the unity of the higher and lower self.
28. Khepera is the creator of the day, morning, as Ra he is the creator of the midday and as Tem he is the closer of the day.
29. The four basic traditions for following the Neterian path or the four basic disciplines to be practice to integrate your personality and develop0 yourself so you can take your place in spiritual culture:
1 The initiates give themselves up entirely to study and meditation and to the listening and teachings of these divine truths and the divine nature.
2. Learning ethics and law of the cause and effect- practice right action to purify gross impurities of the personality, control body and speech, thoughts.
3. Devotion to the divine.
4. Meditation.
30. The two elements are: Wisdom and Devotion
31. The Diet gives you purity of the body and fasting for the mind and body. Yoga Posture, Visualization and Chants.

32. Sema Tawi of Postures:
1. A Physical Workout Session
2. A mythological Ritual Workout
3. A Meditative Session
4. A Meditative Form
Phase 1. Creation
Phase 2. The Earth
Phase 3. Transition Poses
Phase 4. The Higher Self Poses
Phase 5. Establishment Poses
27 Poses in all.
33 (B- What is the goal of all the spiritual practices?
The Great Awakening: Nehast
Nehast means to “wake up” to awaken to the higher existence.
C- Note any questions
1. How do an aspirant go about becoming Heru meaning how do we unite the lower and higher self together to follow and live Maat?
2. What is the difference in the soul and the spirit?
3. Being that Shetaut Neter is the earliest known advantage practice of religion in human history isn’t it the basic of human existence and order in the world even though it has not been in practice in Western culture and how does this effect human existence in this day and time?
4. Will practicing the Sema Tawi postures bring the spirit and soul into harmony with each other and if so how?
5. Being that since the year 0 was the year of the Common Era and new world religions how does this effect life on earth universally being that most all the spirits and souls have been lead to follow a path that has taken them out of the laws and harmony of Maat?