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Maat Middleton

Introduction to Neterianism

A- Notes on the most important themes I heard.
1. The two black lands are Kamit/ the North & Kush/ the South.
2. Shetaut Neter was already in existence in 10.000 BC as a fully developed religious system.
3. In 7.000 BC rain water had caused damage to the Great Sphinx.
4. The late history of Ancient Egypt started with the Greeks.
5. If you don’t have a consciousness about death, then how are you going to live your life?
6. The 3 stages of religion:
Myth: Matnu – Legend, Story, Myth.
Ritual: Aru- Ritual- Ceremony and the
Mystical: The myth is given through Sdjedt- story telling, speak proverbs, and speak tales.
In the myth stage the Shemsu, followers of the religion learn about its story.
7. If religion lack having all three stages then that religion will lack the needed integral practices which leads to true religion.
8. We are spirits that come to have human experiences.

B- Note which one you thought was most important and why?
1. What is Shetaut Neter?
Shetaut means secret. Neter means Divinity. The teaching about the secret, hidden, Supreme Being.
2. Who are the Neterians?
Shemsu Neter. Shemsu Neter means “Follower (of) “Neter” or a person who follows the teachings of the Shetaut Neter.
3. What is Sema = Yoga?
It is the union of the higher & lower self.
4. What is Sema Tawi?
The union of the two lands of Heru and Seth.
5. What is Nehast?
The Great Awakening. Nehast means spiritual awakening. It’s what happen to Asar when he awakens.
6. What is the spiritual path for man and woman alike?
Men and women are to become God- like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily disciple.

C- Note any questions:
1. No questions.
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