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TOA Lesson 6

Vidoe: Wtat are the main points covered in the video lecture?

Sebai reviewed the main characters in the myth who are Ra and Aset. RA is a Dual Divinity. This is different from being a duality or dualistic divinity as duality is only aspect of this Dual Divinity. This speaks to the teaching being henotheistic- having a supreme birth that expresses as many gods and goddesses. Therefore, one aspect of this divinity is real and abiding and one aspect is illusory.This divinity is a purveyor of the breath of life and appears to and interacts with its creations but simultaneously have another aspect.
Aset comes into the myth as a woman who mastered the lower mysteries including philosophy and religion from the temple. She followed the temple process by listening to the teachings, reflecting on them developing higher and higher intellect and practicing meditation.
An Mesy Saa U: No person is born already wise. Wisdom is not taught, it must be taught generations after generations. One knowledge she obtained from the teachings is that all elements are forged from the cosmic abyss or from the sun, the most abundant of these being hydrogen. Stars are comprised of atoms which vibrate and merge to become more complex forms; becoming water, earth, food, skin, metal etc, all of which are encased by a permeable membrane. This happens all from a star. At the end of life everything will once again die. Obtaining this and other wisdom helped to lead Aset to Khak-ab, a complete sick of heart for all in existence. Desires in the heart lead to ariu. Everyone is born with duality in the heart- desire for life and hate for death. Ra knew his own creation will one day forget their own abiding essence and therefore made creation from tears of sadness and gladness (dualistic heart). Nothing in creation can be abiding nor real. But everything is Ra and therefore has the ability to discover its hidden STILL, unformed, abiding essence.
There are three kinds of people with two patterns of Maat: ethical and unethical. Interactions on Earth causes movements, thoughts, feeling, likes and dislikes. Aset did not like nor dislike creation. She instead knew the relative truth of it and was able to let it go in search for abiding truth. This made Aset lighter. Aryu weighs the heart down and lead to reincarnation.
We are reminded by Sebai as aspirants to rise above and face the issues through informal meditation. For only when one is finished with the world is one able to progress along the spiritual path toward enlightenment. We were reminded not become fat physically nor egotistically with the world. We are who and what we consume and in the end Aset learned it does all come crumbling down.

Aset now makes a choice about her path. She chose to discover the true name of the source of all creation. She each day collected the drool of Ra which pours down on creation in the evenings. She basked in this life force kneading it with her own subtle body into one pointedness, depriving creation of its movement necessary to have a hold on her heart as it previously did as a woman.

In verse 22-34: Aset placed her Tafy Shepsy in Ra’s path leaving it lying waiting for the right moment to strike. She knew Ra would not willingly tell her his true name so she had to be wise in her timing to move. RA continues to travel as always through the physical and astral plane. In so doing the the illusion of physical creation becomes weak and penetrable as Ra enters the astral realm. Aset’s Tafy Shepsy bit Ra causing internal bleeding or leaking of life force within creation. The Gods and Goddesses following behind Ra singing him praises without questioning creation were puzzled about what was happening and Ra was too powerless to have speech.
Neither he nor the Gods and Goddesses knows for creation only knows creation and creation is now loosing its own sustenance.