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Arit Neter S

most remarkable teaching/main take away
from Shems Heryt reply #6734 and Sebai Maa’s response # 6827 and also commentary from Shems Baket #6737 and again Sebai Maa #6760

Dua Shems Heryt for highlighting the example of the wall with a stop sign, first shared by Shems Baket. The Wall is khak ab and the stop sign is the illusoriness of creation. At first, I imagined running or driving right into the wall, crashing, ignoring the sign. Then I got rid of that thought, and the “hammering” is much better. Applying the one pointed focus, the one pointed flow of the Mind towards Nehast. Perhaps with enough chanting, one can drive straight through the wall, unharmed….or better yet, the wall simply dissolves when the correct frequency is reached.

I can totally relate to your hammer. Saying No as a way to pierce through the veil. I have a similar hammer: making music/shedy/study number one priority each day, rather than a host of other activities that I perceive to have a temporary deadline, and somehow in my limited thinking state, make them appear to be more important than the things that I want to do, and must do everyday. Basically, using taffy shepsy that has been created to use against our own misconceptions. When the wall is broken down, I can see myself singing, playing instruments. But first, must khak ab all expectations of what the music is going to bring, with the music that comes through when I let go. It is as a spiral dance…..

Of course, Sebai’s response is to hammer away at the attachments, and then throw out the hammer. To repudiate the illusion until you have the realization that there is nothing to repudiate, because all is one. Then you throw out khak ab too. More reminders that once you are enlightened, all of these tools become irrelevant, and so it is best to not be attached to them, just use and enjoy them along the journey.

I really appreciluv the way you said, “there is a practical aspect to the “hammering” process, ie, antet begag and an chen. an aspirant needs to discern and prioritize…”. This is most helpful because I just keep saying I need to organize, but this is what actually needs to happen: there is much that needs to be thrown out, not filed away for the future

But then you say to throw out the hammer, and keep Ra, whose essence is in reality the Neter. Does this mean to hold onto Creation, even though it is illusory? Or, to just see and know that even the illusion is Neter?

Then in Sebai’s post #6760, he shared even more on the Wall.
“Taffy Shepsy is that process of bringing the energies to a point, (ua) that breaks down one spot of Creation. Since all spots are the same, breaking down one spot breaks them all. Every spot-every point in time and space is composed of Ra and in fact is the same Ra so no need to waste and weaken efforts going all over the place or break down all points or deal with all delusions. Just work on one and the rest will also fall.” Sebai Maa.
“punching out just one brick brings the entire wall down.” Shems Heryt.

a few other gems….
“Passion means infatuation with form and relationship”. Sebai Maa
“The notion that time and space is absolute reality creates the veil and hence the real limitation.” from Shems Akhu #7102 is also a very powerful statement.

Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja, and to all aspirants.
Dua Aset. Hotep.