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Arit Neter S

Lesson 4: Question for Reflection

The Teachings that I learned in this lesson that I need to work more diligently on implementing on my personality, mentality, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate Human Lady Aset on Her Path:

Khak Ab: there is still much attachment to global issues such as Social Injustice and Environmental Destruction that is leading us into Climate Change and/or worse. It would be wise for this aspirant to let go of attachment to the planetary outcome, and just live in each moment, Being Enlightened. Spending each moment working on strategies, alternatives and solutions for these challenges, rather than pondering on what is and what is going to come. Feels like such a waste of time, trying to have conversations that only involve commentary, when not many people seem to be thinking about change. (Participating in the unending social commentary rarely solves anything.) with more Khak Ab, this would create more “room” to be…

Neter Neterty: still involved with practical worldly matters, but from the perspective of the Absolute, not the Creativity, the productivity, the results. Free from judgement, of oneself and others. It would be a better use of time to focus on the Absolute, instead of trying so hard to create or manifest a desired goal or solution. Dual Consciousness is Balanced Consciousness. Maintaining high state of consciousness, highest vibrations while carrying out practical day-to-day activities. This would also mean less organic gmo-free junk food and more fresh juicing, even if there is no organic produce available, that is just an excuse….doing one’s best with what is available is better than doing my worst with what is available! LOL!

In school, we are taught that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What about the energetic reactions that we cannot see with our eyes? The spiritual consequences of each action, each thought? Lady Aset’s physical action of creating the taffy shepsy had a goal that was purely spiritual. She was not attached to the physical outcome, for example, of Ra living or dying, but to the spiritual outcome, of

Djed n a Ren a K.
Knowing the Name of Ra, beyond time and space
Transcending time and space earth experience is a teaching I need to reflect more on. At the present moment, this aspirant is focused on finding the balance, however, at the core, knowing that time and space must be transcended in order to find the balance. Thereby, Spending more Time with the Absolute than with Creativity, will lead to solutions and strategies more effective than spending time seeking to create them.
“All the force used toward the Illusion is now being used to pierce through the illusion” Sebao Maa

Antet Begag and An Chen, unending, relentless pursuit of Nehast, never giving up, but also, never beating oneself up over things that happen beyond ones control. Another way of saying this is to change the way that I respond to adversity, mistakes or disillusionment: I tend to freeze and do nothing. Need to keep going as soon as possible. Precision calibrated concentration on the Divine. In order to maintain this when adversity strikes, will require the aspirant to

Uhau or Surrender, Trust. The most difficult and most needed of all. Without Trust in Divine, in Divine Intuition, to trust that lil’ ole me can know how to apply these teachings, without Uhau, there can be no Nehast.

In other words, will be working most diligently to be able to have these intense studies, meditations, consistent Shedy Practice, revelations and breakthroughs, yet still be able to handle all of my practical and worldly affairs, without them intruding and spilling out onto spiritual life and duties, or relationships.

Before Nehast Chop Wood.
During Nehast Chop Wood,
There is No After Nehast.

Dua Sebai Maa and Dua Seba Dja.
Dua to All Participants.
Hotep, Shems Arit