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Sehu Khepera


This post constitutes a general detail of the ritual program performed in Egypt on October 11th as a climax and conclusion to the Sunnu(t) training of aspirants.


The Sunnu(t) training began as an online intensive for students who were interested in the healing art of Ancient Egypt. The program was comprised of four distinctive modules, each module being of six month duration with module four extending beyond the six month period to facilitate a trip to KMT to conclude the didactic and empirical studies and to introduce the bio-physiological (astral and otherwise), biological manipulation and metaphysical studies regarding the Sunnu(t) praxis of healing and re calibration of the human entity as a basis to take on the spiritual path culminating in spiritual enlightenment. Therefore the program is a two year study with a practicum component.

Trip in Egypt:

The trip in Egypt was of a ten day duration in which the salient and important temples regarding the healing art and Sunnu(t) praxis were visited and studied, on site, as well with evening lectures of important and pertinent aspects of the temple teachings. We visited the Temples of Luxor, Dendera, Philae, Medinet Habu, and Abydos. We also visited the mummification museum in Luxor, the Cairo Museum, Sphinx, Pyramids and the Unfinished Obelisk.

At Abydos we spent three days in intensive study and practicum. At the end of practicum we had or ritual.

We performed the ritual at night. The Heru replica chapel at the House of Life was used for the ritual performance. We began by appropriately cleansing the purifying the chapel. It was lit with candles throughout. we then started with a procession, walking around the sacred lake. While in process we chanted (sung):

Amma ou en Ra, Neb Pet, Ankh Oodja Seneb, Ari Neteru, Dua Ra
Grant praises to Ra,Lord of Heaven who bestows Life, Vitality and Health, the creator of the Gods and Goddesses, Adorations to Ra

to drum, sistra and cymbal accompaniment.

The procession was led by Sehu Khepera followed by the Sunnu(t) aspirants in the order in which they took their practicum examination. They were followed by Asr Maat and Shems Olapeju. Behind them were our two guests on the trip. Once in the chapel Sehu Khepera sat at the head of the group, Shems olapeju on his right and Asar Maat on his left, facing the aspirants and guests.

Once we were all seated and concluded the chanting with instrument accompaniment, we recited the following prayer:

Pteh aou ankh djed uas hena nefu er kheppetu embaat em Djaasu Sunnu Aiemhotep
Prayer for well being and freedom from negative things by sage physician Imhotep

Aset ua soudja Heru soudja menut nebu sen ef Set ef sen Asar Aset hetepy soudja auitu yasur nesheshu nebu em hu shemou metmetou taou sep nebu nesh therta ua menty Heru khut teken an abt thesu khem hena sefa ha Ra djedytt khat hena Asar ptah kheperu medut Ra khat nehpy Asar kheperu

May Aset heal me even as she healed Heru of all his pains which his brother Set has caused him when he killed his brother Asar. Oh benevolent Aset, heal me from all evil, bad and typhonic things, from demonical and deadly diseases and pollutions of all kinds that rush upon me, as thou did heal Heru. As I go in to the fire and emerge from the water, may I not fall into that trap on that day saying, I am small and pitiable. Oh Ra who has spoken for his body, O Asar who has prayed for his manifestation, Ra speaks for his body; Asar prays for his manifestation.

Followed by:

Nuk Aset, per k ou em nayet ret enou seter sa medu en Djehuty er her tep Maat em pet ta atert Aset neter nefer ger pu ankh seske es de ah ament er sa enkhen pu ef enen haou ef redy ef nebkhep dit hetep f her ef t endt en ef tawi

Aset says: I am Aset, I escaped from the dwelling wherein my brother Set placed me. Behold, Djehuty the Great God, the Prince of Truth in heaven and on earth, said to me: Come O Goddess Aset, it is a good thing to hearken, for he who is guided by another lives. Hide thyself with thy child. And these things shall happen unto him. His body shall grow and flourish, two fold strength and peace offerings of every kind shall be given to him. He shall sit upon his father’s throne, he shall vindicate him, and he shall hold the exalted position of ruler of Two Lands.

Followed by:

Om, Htp, Htp, Htp, Htp

Then we began the anointing. First the guests were called up to be anointed (with special anointing oil prepared from previous instruction by Sebai MAA). They were anointed and given their special amulets. Then Shems Olapeju was anounted and given her special amulet. Thereafter, Asr Maat was anointed and given her special amulet.

Next the Sunnu came up to be anointed and receive their Sunnu(t) garments and receive their special amulet. Each of the students came up in the order they took their practicum final. Each student when cam up, took off their top (they were instructed to wear a T-Shirt under their ritual dress) and was dressed by Sehu Khepera with their new Sunnu(t) garment. Then they were dressed with their ritual, a necklace with the amulet attached. After each of the aspirants, now initiated as Sunnu(t) were anointed and received their ritual things, they gave their impressions about the experience.

It was a solemn affair that has had a definite impact on all who participated.