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Perhaps the most important teaching given, in the program, that you have reiterated is in your statement:
“We are all striving for happiness in life, it’s our divine will, its just that due to ignorance of the self, people tend to seek it from external means”

The reason for saying this is because this paves the way for developing a more balanced and non-reactive personality, being able to face the situations of life with less engagement of the egoistic way of relating that is based on personal ignorance and the established behavior patterns that mindlessly stimulate, support and regenerate egoistic feelings and worldly ways of relating to the world.

The personality will usually have an area of emphasis that the personality excels in. This is a positive aspect of the spiritual life that an aspirant can use as a foundation of spiritual life. The main aspect is not to be relied upon exclusively and not to take all the spiritual practice time, however. The other aspects are also to be engaged in an orderly and deliberate manner since all are needed to promote a well-integrated personality.

“I have to go over and beyond at times to do what is needed or required to ensure that the youth and parents I work with receive the optimal help possible for them. For me to do this consistently and without thinking about my pay rate, I must be selfless to a degree.”

Keep in mind that the spiritual practice –shedy- needs to be balanced and inclusive of the main four disciplines. It is possible to have balanced times in life and also times of struggle but one should not seek out times that purposely bring stress or undue struggle since life will do that automatically. It is recommended to use the time wisely to bolster the personality in order to progress in personality spiritual development internally so as to be also better equipped to handle the ordinary and extraordinary stresses of life. Understanding the Shetaut Neter philosophy about what is most important in life, keeping Maatian balance and striving for inner spiritual development, Maa-kheru, thus physical, and mental balance is of paramount importance, more than worldly fleeting life situations, all for the purpose of being able to realize the higher truths of life.