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A very forthright post.
1. How would you describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy?
“a. A philosophy can be described as a plethora of intellectual information. It is what I can explain but not truly experience on a deeper, intuitional level. It’s the mystic part of a religion. An authentic religion composes of three parts that aides its followers to pursue the purpose of life. I have learned that if a practice/system does not include all three parts it is not going to help the follower reach a state of enlightenment spiritually. These three parts are the mystic (teachings, philosophy) that is told in a story format. Then there are rituals that helps one to reflect on the mystic (mediation, ceremonies, etc.) Lastly, there is mysticism, which refers to one applying what he/she has learned and reflected upon on a daily basis.”
Notice that you first define “philosophy” correctly and then say it is the “mystic” part of religion. Then at the end of the paragraph you return to “mysticism” saying it is “one applying what he/she has learned and reflected upon on a daily basis.”
Philosophy may be considered as an intellectual set of concepts used to understand a proposition, theory or teaching. By definition “Mysticism” and what is “mystic” transcends philosophy and includes the experience of unalloyed singularity of existence as Spirit. Therefore, mysticism is the experience beyond philosophy and beyond categories of action which include applying or not applying learned, intellectual and philosophical insights. Mystic experience is of the nature of transcendental intuitional realization.

“My greatest obstacle in life is finding the balance in my life between focusing on my spiritual growth and everyday life such as having to work to maintain things and relationships.”
This is an obstacle or challenge for most people this day and age especially when living in parts of the world that are beset with intensive socio-economic-political stresses due to so-called modernization and or capitalistic market systems. Therefore, one should strive to simplify life. If possible cooperating with others of like mind in microcommunities to ease the burden on all and if possible moving to an area of lower artificial human stresses due to ignorance and egoistic worldly desires that have artificially and unnecessarily complicated and intensified the stresses of life.

“a. The most important need in my life is to feel settled. I have established objectives (a schedule I put together and shared in previous assignment), but I find that I run out of time in the day to get everything done. I am doing my best to maintain a significant relationship, grow on this path and pursue my ultimate professional goal. I find that I tend make the comment, “I don’t feel balanced.” This is due to me feeling as though I am being pulled in many different directions. Hence, I need help with identifying the best way to handle these feelings.”

If you do not feel balanced it is useful to take a step back and review the source of the feelings, are they due to practical reasons? Are your schedules practically unworkable? If so take practical action. Ex. If spending too much time on something that disrupts other times for other tasks then curtail the time spent in the disrupting issue.
Is the feeling due to deeper undefined psychological reasons? IF so there too it is useful to take a step back, reflect and allow/face the source of feelings so as to allow the deeper reasons to emerge. This may not emerge as a specific thought or answer or memory but as fully expressed feelings. Ideally that can lead to feelings of relief from the angst. Nevertheless, in taking time to step back and reflect, it is possible to allow unresolved aryu to manifest, be faced and be resolved Sometimes the resolution requires action; sometimes just facing with quietude. When there is too much action and not enough quietude, the deeper feelings can remain suppressed but nor resolved, fooling aspirants into thinking they resolved issues when they are in reality suppressed and waiting to emerge again and sometimes with heretofore unknown “gusto”.

I think these are reflective of a generally well-adjusted personality in reference to appreciation for the gift of the opportunity of life (For attaining enlightenment) and the assignment of Attaining Enlightenment as THE worthy goal of life that gives meaning to life that one should believe is possible to be attained in this very lifetime. –very very good.
From here what is necessary is continued shedy and making the adjustments of time and personality integration with what has been discussed above and previously. In other words, if attaining enlightenment is the goal, then it needs to be understood that all other goals are secondary and that includes relationships, worldly goals and personal predilections. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust life, in an orderly and balanced manner, to match those convictions (philosophical tenets) so as to allow space to discover their deeper “mystic” meaning and experience.