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Maat Middleton

Lesson 6
Fundamental Principles of African Religion
1. All religion have a myth and ritual, but not all lead to mysticism.
2. In order for a religion to be complete it must have a myth, ritual and mysticism.
3. You must live the myth in order to get the true meaning of the myth.
4. Virtue is what the rituals lead us too.
5. The myth being practice with the ritual is to reinforce in your mind, giving you a spiritual, mental and physical experience of the myth.
6. There are 3 main types of myth: the creation myth, the Heroic myth, the moral myth.
7. God and the universe are one.
8. Expressed Divinity: Human beings are the highest and lowest expression of divinity.
9. The myth gives us that we are souls having human experiences.
10. Supreme Being is one with the universe.
11. Poly means many.
12. Idea To discover the oneness with God
13. I am the center of the universe, meaning we are all one.
14. Fulfillment comes with the mystical experience.
C. I have no questions