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Discussion 4
Interaction between Kemet and other African Civilizations.
-Dogon people of Mali and Yoruba from Nigeria have a tradition that they are descendants of early Kemetian Culture.
-Correlations between Yoruba religion and Dogon relate to significant cultural factors of the ancient Egyptians.
-Kemetian culture spread to Greece and India through early migrations.
Diop contends that their is a close relationship with Egypt and other African nations.
-If you don’t understand Kem as an African culture you will not understand Dogon or Yoruba or anything else that happened in Africa.
-If we understand Kem as an African culture we will understand African culture as a whole.
-It will direct our standing about our world
-No longer will we look at European saying that they are the bearers of civilization or that Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilization or that Africa is just a primitive group of tribal people
-Upheavals in Kemet whenever there is upheavel due to war or pestilence etc. There was also a certain amount of migration
– When Kemet was attacked by Hyksos, Assyrians Persians etc. there was a migration of people to ward the East, West South West and South.
There was also force migration one for example is when the Persians forced Africans out and they ended up in Asia Minor. Other legends speaks of Kemetian ending up in Tibet.
-Kemetian had influence on Indian Yoga methodology
Trade between North East Africa and West Africa
– Aser artifacts found in Congo
Asarian religion was most popular and well dessimimated wherever Kemets had contact.
– Cultural, spiritual and genetic relationship of Kemet was passed through contact of slave trade
– Dogon religion have a series of Osdoads means 8 Gods and Goddesses so from the One Supreme Divinity comes four pairs. Pairs of Opposites. Behind opposites their is single underlining essence Supreme spirit
– Dogon and Kemet had similarities
-Sociopolitical order- Common folk, skilled workers, farmers, King, Priest, Priestess. This is basically the same kind of set up generally occurs in other nations in Africa
-More correlations between Youruba religion and Kemetian religion than Dogon
-Yoruba tradition has a tradition of Orishas, Kemetian religion has Neterians
Share ssame tradition but different names
– Religions with 3 or more cultural factors that are similar has a connection or may have had contact
– Two functions of Pyramids as Temple and as tomb
-There is a Prekemetian development and a pOst -Kemetian culture foster higher philosophy and culture.

B. This was a very interesting topic I took the point when said if we don’t grasp Kemetian culture there will be no understanding of anything else African. I learned a lot from this topic it broadened my understanding of the significance of Kemetian culture
C. Do Yoruba people today identify themselves with the richness of being descendants of Kemetian culture?