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Maat Middleton

A- The most important themes I heard.
1. People in South India are saying that their god comes from North East Africa. The first evidence of contact the Egyptian gave their statues of Jupiter the face of a ram and from them the practice has passed to the Ammonias, who are a joint colony of Egyptians and Ethiopians.
2. The first king of Asar travelled to India and later the Indian people were saying he was born in India and not an African birth.
3. Asar travelled to Europe and all over Africa teachings civilization.
4. Africa and India was forced to obey Caesar.
5. The Kemetic people and Ethiopians were the same skin color.
6. Both the Crescent Moon from India and Egypt has the same meaning. Purified mind that ends the world.
7. The God Ra and the God Shiva both have the solar symbolism and two serpents.
8. The worship of the serpent power in Africa and India is the earliest form of yoga philosophy.
9. Modern times means the last 500 to 700 years ago.
10. Arab culture shouldn’t be mistake with Islam.
11. The pyramid text is one of the oldest text of religious philosophy.
12. The Tem Commandments can be found in the teachings of Maat.
13. Judaism and Christianity is a reworking of the same teachings of Maat in Ancient Egypt although several things are changed.
14. Moses learnt what he knew from the Egyptians.
15. Egypt was the heart and center of many people’s travels.
16. South West Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Norther Africa, Republica were Egyptian Nubians.
17. Monotheistic Polytheism means one supreme being with many gods and goddesses surrounding the one supreme being.
18. The Jews were originally monotheistic polytheism Egyptian people.
19. There is no record of any parting of the sea and no Exodus, only in the Bible.
20. There is no writing about Jesus until 60 to 75 years after he had died.
21. We have to go back to the original source to find out who we are and what we need and what’s important to us.
22. Sugar and Alcohol was brought into Africa by the Europeans.
23. Evidence of contact, form and function is the most important items of study in cultural anthropology. These three factors connect the culture together in the finding of evidence.

B- Which one I thought was most important and Why?
1. Arab culture is not the same as Islam. Why? Islam came later.

C- Any Questions I may have.
1. I have no questions.
m Htp.