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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Video Assignment – Lesson 2
Sema Tawi Uaa
Introduction to meditation
What are the important themes?
What impressed you the most?

The theme of this video surrounds Mediation. It provides insight on the history of the mediation system documented by Setibua, the heart of Ma’at Philosophy lying in the “discovering of a cosmic balance between oneself and the universe,” how one engages in a meditative practice through the Tef Neter system, and insight on how wisdom is manifested.
I was most impressed with the teachings provided on the following:
What wisdom truly is and what the heart of MA’AT Philosophy means. Understanding the importance of striving to have a heart lighter than an ostrich feather. This revealed the importance of ensuring that I am devoted to living a life guided by the 42 Precepts. As I reflect on the weight of my heart I can visualize how light I must feel to reach such a state of consciousness; mediation is a key to the ingredient to build my capacity to reach there in addition to abiding by the Precepts.
In regards to the teachings provided on a student being humble in their journey and trusting their preceptor/teacher also stood out to me and has been helping me to improve the way I receive counsel from teachers in my life.
The teachings about what wisdom truly is, helped me to further understand the importance of reflecting and implement what I have been learning thus far. Wisdom, being the feeling of knowing when something is righteous or unrighteous; I gain knowledge of what is righteous by studying and listening to the teachings and gain experience by living/reenacting the teachings in my everyday life,” this is my understanding of this teaching.