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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Audio Assignment
An Evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja: Why Shetaut Neter is Important (1:30:08)

What are the main teachings brought out in this audio?
Are you currently implementing the teachings given? IF so which ones?
If not, then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and Spiritual practice?

The main teaching in this audio is on why Shetaut Neter is an effective path to follow to transform oneself and accomplish Spiritual Enlightenment, abiding peace, and happiness. We are all striving for happiness in life, it’s our divine will, its just that due to ignorance of the self, people tend to seek it from external means. Shetaut Neter teaches that true abiding happiness and peace is within. This is an authentic spiritual scientific system that helps one find the true source of transcendental and everlasting peace. When an aspirant (Shemsu) follows the teachings and engages in Shedy, they will be able to accomplish the true purpose of life. Transformation takes place by engaging in the four Yoga Disciplines. Development of intuition by listening, studying and reflecting on the wisdom teachings; I can do this listening to lectures, attending mini series and conferences, etc. reading various books on the teachings; Mediation to build willpower that will aid in opposing things (actions) unhealthy for the mind body and soul; Living a life of virtue by acting righteously by using MA’AT teachings and principles to guide ones actions, thoughts and feelings; Devotion to the Divine not only in worshipping but in everyday living. Keeping in the mind that all things and beings are connected to you (me) through the Supreme Divinity. Despite how others may treat you (me), it is important to still love them unconditionally because they only do so out of ignorance. I must not harbor ill feelings because this will take me away from being at peace. Hence, I must deal with the situation at hand using wisdom and righteous actions to solve the situation.

Regarding my implementation of the teachings, over the past few weeks I have been making a conscious effort to tap into all four disciplines. I find that I am stronger in some area than others. Sema Tawi Arit MA’At seems to be the discipline I spend most of my time engaging in, and this is somewhat due to my occupation. By default, I must take myself (emotions/judgements/perceptions) out of the picture and deal with facts at hand. I have to go over and beyond at times to do what is needed or required to ensure that the youth and parents I work with receive the optimal help possible for them. For me to do this consistently and without thinking about my pay rate, I must be selfless to a degree. I also volunteer when opportunities arise in my community in various ways (community outreach, tutoring and character development programming).
I am also strong in the area of Sema Tawi Ushet as I ensure that I pray daily. This is how I was raised so this practice is engrained in me, even if its only ten minutes formally. As I am learning, I started to apply not harboring ill feelings towards individuals who mistreat me as I have learned that they are only acting out of ignorance of self and our connection. So, with my greater knowledge, I must hold myself accountable and ensure that I continue to love and treat others as I would desire to treat God, as each person is a manifestation of God, The Supreme Divinity, All Encompassing One.
I have engaged in Sema Tawi Uaa but this is inconsistent. I have been able to train myself over the past few years to now be able to meditate for an hour to a hour and a half. I will like to engage in meditation more often, and I have penciled an hour mediation twice per week (Thursday and Friday starting the week of 2.26.17).
I am also improving in the Sema Tawi Rekh. I have committed time each day to engage in this discipline. I am studying Heiroglyphics on Monday and Tuesday, Kemet University on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Kemetic Diet Friday and Sunday. I also plan to participate in any mini series as the one we are in now (Amun Mediation System). I also practice a vegetarian diet and would like to incorporate more Tjef Neteru in my weekly routine. I will work towards doing this by doing at least three possess three times per week starting the week of 2.26.17).

I continue to strive to practice in an intergrative manner even if as outlined in the planner I used as a guide to help imprint the formula.

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