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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Video Assignment
Introduction to SN, short part (1:01:41)

What are the important themes?
What impressed you the most?

During this video, I observed the following themes: the history of civilization and Shetaut Neter, the purpose of life, who is and the role of a Shemsu Neter, understanding how beholding the wisdom of creation brings insight to the fullness of who one truly is (become true of speech), the necessary components of an authentic religious system and how the four Great Truths harmonizes the foundation of Shetaut Neter.

What stood out the most to me were the following: The deeper interpretation and flow of the Great Truths; when this was expressed by Sebai Maa, I truly felt them meaning deeper in my being, it was like a light bulb went off and a jolt of excitement when I was able to experience a seamless understanding of the Great Truth being One Big Truth. Another concept that was revealed was the purpose of the Temple System; it provides initiates with an opportunity to reenact so one may feel the oneness of the Neteru within and become like that of Neter. This increased my desire to learn more of the teachings and reenact what I am learning as this is purifying for my soul and the goal in life, to rejoin with my creator.