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Arit Neter S

Lesson 4
2. What hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you and why?

Udja. Neter Neterty is a most captivating term.
Divinity Dual Divinity
Dual Consciousness, Absolute Creativity.
from Sebai Maa:
“Who is Creator of Itself. Creator of heaven and earth, and the Life Force that enlivens Creation. The life giving properties in air that allows the breath of life to sustain life, the fire that enlivens everything.+

“Possessing the two eyes of Heru and Ra, moon and sky, time and space, transcendental insight, relative/absolute, physical/non-physical”
Asar with 2 eyes of Ra

1. This serves as a reminder that we also have the potential for a particular level of Dual Consciousness.
2. a reminder to remain conscious of spiritual reality while tending to practical worldly matters and affairs. And, to remain aware of practical matters when tending to spiritual existence. To balance life and activities of spiritual and worldly concerns.
3. It is a technique that can assist one in the journey to be enlightened in every moment. Remain aware of this dual divinity in every moment.
4. it reminds us that we have choices in our reactions and responses: that there is the Absolute Response, and then there is the Reaction that we create in order to Preserve the Ego.

Hekau Neter, Neterty

Revealing True Nature as Light Being