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Jamaal Mc Leod

A- Most important themes
The first lecture video was an excellent primer giving advise on how to approach the extensive collection of books produced from Sema Institute and a suggested order of beginning a spiritual quest. It was mentioned that the first book produced was Egyptian Proverbs. The first three books to approach are based on Kemetic Philosophy and are Egyptian Yoga Volume 1, Egyptian Mysteries Volume 1 and African Origins of Civilization Volume 1. It was stated that Egyptian Yoga served as a primer and additional books were created from elaboration on each chapter. This book speaks of Shetaut Neter and its relationship with the major religious systems. To practice Neterianism means to practice Kamitan African Religion. Shetaut Neter- term that was not made up but rather came directly from the Medu Neter. The word Neterianism is forever from Shetaut Neter. It also gives a breakdown about initiation. If an aspirant is interested in further perusing the studies, it was suggested to start Egyptian Mysteries Vol 1. This series is broken down into three volumes. The next step suggested is to help the aspirant and provide a historical context of African origins. This series is also broken up into three parts, part 1 related to the origins of African civilization, part 2 concerning origins of western civilization and part 3 concerning origins of eastern civilization. Dr. Ashby emphasizes the use of intuition and these first three books to guide further selections. Next it is advised for any aspirant who more serious with their spiritual development to proceed to step two, the “nuts and bolts”. These books guide you and provide specific lifestyle changes that can be made immediately and are necessary for spiritual evolution and knowledge of self. These books are also required for the essential step of purification and to start Shedy. These books are The Devotional Worship Book, Kinetic Diet, Egyptian Yoga and Initiation. Shedy are spiritual disciplines to follow or practice to enlighten and cleanse oneself leading to wisdom. These disciplines include working with a daily devotional program, performing yoga postures. The foundation is meditation practice and abiding by MAAT and acting with righteousness, order and truth. The objective of these programs is to prepare the aspirant for life challenges. Next, the importance of a guide was emphasized t help the aspirant work though our personal thoughts and feelings that might be wrong view based on the intended meaning of the teachings. Next the importance of devotion and giving of ourselves completely to the teachings was emphasized. Wisdom, Purification, Devotion and Meditation help the aspirant create positive Ariu. The books suggested to develop the above stated attributes are; Intro to MAAT Philosophy, The books on meditation, The Kemetic Diet, Book of Coming Forth by Day. As relates to yoga which is the movements of the Gods and Goddesses there are three levels (physical—mystical—meditative). Next was discussed the books on tantra which means to connect. It was emphasized that this is not about sex yoga but rather, working with and sublimating to energies using the serpent power. The importance of proper preparation prior to entering into use of Serpent Power was stressed. It was also stressed that further elaboration will only be provided to the initiated and that novice working with this energy could create to opposite outcome. Next it was discussed that your true soulmate is Asar the soul. Next the term civilization was discussed and the trouble of our westernized view of connecting it with technological advancement. True civilization is about peace and harmony (Hetep). It was also brought up how the opposite of Set is Aset, wisdom is the antidote for egoism. Ariu can be positive or negative, it acts magnetically to pull things to you. It was brought up that if we want to change 85% of the time there is an adjustment that can be made inside. 15% of the time its an adjustment made on the outside. We were urged to look inside and be the change. It was also stated that Ariu works through situations in our life to provide challenges needed for advancement.

B- Note which one you thought was most important and why?
The part of this lecture that I appreciated the most was the emphasis placed on wisdom, purification, devotion and meditation and the analogy used with the emphasis of a basketball professional. I believe that this encompasses the entire work on the straight path. We live in a western society where we a indoctrinated with the illusion of instant gratification and status equaling success and accomplishment. We want things quick and easy from fast food to material luxuries from Amazon with next day delivery. This is the antithesis of hard work diligence and sacrifice with patience. First we have to answer to the inner call from our Spirit Ra who wants us to stop wasting this existence and come to the esoteric teachings to wisdom, Aset. We are the children of Set and Nebthet which do not and cannot give birth to Neteru but rather to us, this distorted physicality that is trapped in duality with no knowledge of self or non-duality or Neberdjer our origin. So our Asar soul is intoxicated with duality Nebthet. In this information age Nebthet is the woman of our house not Aset and from this comes discernment of reasoning, on Anpu. We need Anpu to show Asar the way to wisdom or Aset. We also have to purify the soul Asar so that we can turn away from Nebthet, mortality, material success and fully towards Aset. This takes a process of purification as stated in the Kemetic Diet Book of the mind, body and soul. This is also where the yoga practices come in to completely cleanse us. Once the soul Asar merges with Aset through tantra, devotional exercises at home alter as well as through selfless actions and deepened meditation, Heru is born. Heru as a baby is extremely vulnerable to Set (ego) and has to suckle the wisdom from Aset in secrecy to grow. All of these steps, wisdom, purification, devotion and meditation continue to grow Heru until he is grow completely mature and ready to walk the straight path facing Set ego to completely purify and cleanse the ego. As Heru Ur, Heru is Hermakhet with dominance of our upper and lower Kamit. This theme of wisdom, purification, devotion and meditation would seem to continue to be paramount in Heru Ur merging and becoming Ra and ultimately becoming one with Nun.

C- Note any questions you may have
Are there any books discussing the impact of Kemet on West Africa and the various tribal traditions?
What did the rest of Africa look like during to Predynastic times?
Was there any trade between the Kametians and other African tribes other than the Nubians?
It would seem that Kametians were culturally insulated by chose to maintain their borders to maintain MAAT and ethical standards. Were individuals from other tribes and cultures allowed in Kamet?
Were most of the tribes around the African continent matriarchal?
Do you attribute the patriarchal culture in many of the Asiatic and European people to the weather and inhospitable landscapes?
What are your views on Atlantis, Lemuria and past epochs? How does this relate to Kamit if at all?
It would seem that Kabala and the arcanum derives directly from Kamit. We also learn about Moses and the Exodus yet find no records other than the bible or hebrew scripture. So much confusion and disconnect. Where did the hebrew letters originate from?
Are the major and minor arcanum from Kamit?
When you view pictures of Kamitians, I notice that the women are lighter complexion than the men, is there a reason for this?
It would seem that the purpose of continued reincarnations is to obtain further knowledge of self in the more subtle realms. Does An initiate on the straight path working diligently to know themselves have congizance enough to work with MAAT after death to negotiate ariu and their next incarnation?
Are there degrees or levels of knowledge of self similar to the Gnostic concept of descending to this realm to obtain further objective reasoning?
What about the average person that is not an initiate, what is there process after death, do they continue through a process of evolution to the humanoid stage then devolve through a state of entropy to animals than plants and finally minerals? Is there a concept similar to the Buddhist wheel of Bhavacakra?
If possible, could you describe specific exercises to help with sublimation/ transmutation of energy and chastity if married while in a purification stage or any specific breathing exercises such a eastern pranayama?
Is it a simultaneous process of working with both the personal lower Neteru and the higher related to the five universal elements or do we have to have good mastery of the personal Neteru prior to working with the higher? An example of what I mean would relate to my prior question. While working with breathing exercises I am tapping into Tefnut and Shu at the same time as working with Aset and wisdom and with dissolving the ego or Set?
What is the Kamitic equivalent to bodhicitta in Buddhism?

Second video

A- Video started with discussion of the origin of all people at the base of the mountain of the moon at the origin of the Nile. Dispelling of the myth and attempt to divide the Nubians and ancient Kamitians. Painting was shown from european explorer depicting both the Nubians and Kamitians together showing how they were essentially the same people. Civilization, religion and philosophy were discussed as the three most important aspects which allow society to function. Reference was made to Coca cola depicting Eskimo being blind, deaf and dumb, leading his family with soda in hand. Lecture was given at college and this reference of being lead blindly as in the example provided to the students was related to blindly joining fraternities and sororities like the processionary caterpillar. It was mentioned how Kamitic civilization gave rise to or influenced all civilizations including the Greek culture, however the disparity between both cultures was also mentioned with Greek culture being patriarchal and ego while Kamitic culture was based on spiritual advancement and Maat. The use of symbols were discussed and how they affect the subconscious and unconscious levels in an insidious way and the effect this has on society and the degeneration of our current culture. It was pointed out that traditional African culture has a balance in a way that distributes power between male and female. This philosophy dictates culture and civilization. Other culture Asiatic etc. from harsh environments were patriarchal, this didn’t start to influence Kamit until the invasions by Asiatic cultures. It was pointed out that all people on the planet have common origins and this is backed by science and genetics. Also the term race is created and has been used by groups to attempt to discriminate and control other groups. It was show that there was migration out of Africa prior to the last ice age 15,000 years prior to Asia and Europe and then to the Americas over the land bridge from SIberia the Alaska. Homo Sapiens emerged from the eastern central portion of the African continent in the Great Lakes region where the Nile begins at Mount Kilimanjaro. These people settling at the base of the Nile were called Nilotic people and their lives centered around the Nile flooding annually. This created an understanding of cycles which was not required in the tropical regions of Africa due to the consistent abundance creating complacency in these people. Scientific evidence of life emerging from Africa was provided by Louis Leakey discovering the oldest known bones in Africa. CUlture provides us with the opportunity to view the same thing from different perspectives. Joseph Campbell helps show that through the differences in various cultures, they all point to a “perennial philosophy” and that is the desire for knowledge of self. He also discussed the mask of culture in one of his books. Knowledge of self is related to transcending culture. The Being is beyond self, once knowledge of self is experienced it changes our outlook of others because we start to recognize their self beyond any specific culture or set of imposed classification. Next the use of the terms Sa and Sat (brother and sister) were discussed. This was confused by modern Egyptologists mainly because of there programmed way of viewing the world in distinct separate classifications. Next was discussed what the Egyptologist refer to as the Sphinx which is a Greek term. The real name is Har M Aket (Heru in the Horizon). This was shown by water damage to be the oldest monument in the world. This water damage had to have occurred prior to 10,000 BCE. The lion body and human head symbolize mastery of the lower nature and intellect, the higher nature symbolized by the serpent on the forehead. The headdress symbolizes worship of the spirit in the form of Heru (Ra). New carbon dating has been able to date organic matter between the stones of the pyramids and dates them 374 years older than the stated in the text. This dispels the notion that the Kamitic Civilization developed at the same time a SUmerians and the Kamit got their ideas and language from the Sumerians. The culture of Kamit is consistently distorted including the notion that Hebrews were slaves forced to build the pyramids. The Hebrews were a nomadic group and there are no historical accounts of an exodus occuring.

B- Note which one you thought was most important and why?
One of the most important points that resonated with me was the illustration of historical facts that can be traced showing how all of humanity originated from Africa and the connection between Ancient Kamit and the African diaspora. The idea that we are all African, the only difference is when our group left or were taken from the continent. Also the idea of how race is a myth used to oppress and control groups of people. This helps create a strong foundation for discovering knowledge of self. I believe that the first step in reuniting with my Being is to delete all the viruses and malware this western society infects us with to break us down and make us feel like we are only useful as entertainers etc. and that we have no sophisticated history. Even many of the esoteric organizations have been infected with this western propaganda of root races, subraces etc. and that Ancient Kamitians were offshoots from Atlantis or aliens but definitely different from the rest of the African continent. I also resonated with the idea that all cultures at their core have the purpose of connecting to the source. When we view the world through the eyes of another from a different vantage point it increases our empathy and dissolves duality. I believe that this is a strength of ours as African Americans because looking at the world from others vantage point has been essential for our survival in a racist society from the time of bondage to today. Most Caucasians from the dominator culture are less likely to venture beyond the created illusion for fear of learning the true history of this world. When you control society, there is no reason to look at anything from any other perspective because of the false belief of your superiority and others inferiority. In your mind, you are the gold standard, everyone else needs to adapt around you. I believe that this is one of the many reasons for the current volatility with race relations in this country. As discussed in the lecture, with social media, technology and scientific advancements, it is harder to hide the truth that people don’t want to see. Many Caucasians cannot psychologically handle learning the myth of their superiority.

C-During the lecture, you mentioned a disparity between the Africans in the lush tropical regions versus those who had to contended with the annual cycles of the Nile. Did these cycles of the Nile explain why the Kamitic people built on such a grand scale compared to the inhabitants of other regions of Africa during the same time period?
Can you comment on the Emerald Tablets?
Are these tablets real and were they created by Djehuty around 36,000 BCE? Prior to discovering your work, I would refer to a book by Doreal titled The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth-The-Atlantean. In this book he states that Thoth (Djehuty) existed 20,000 years prior to the sinking of Atlantis as an Atlantean priest- king and founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country and that he was the builder of the Great Pyramid. He states that Thoth is an immortal defeating death and ruled Egypt from 50,000-36,000 BCE, and that he incarnated in a body on three occasions the last as Hermes. He states that the Great Pyramid was erected over the Halls of Amenti, the descendants of the guards became the high priests, that this hall exists at a different sound reality octave. He discusses the Hall of Amenti becoming the underworld where the soul passed after death for judgement and that these halls are still used for the purified for initiation. I know too little to formulate a specific question, can you please comment and clarify?
You discuss Djehuty as being an aspect of Ra (reasoning), was Dejehuty also an actual person? They discuss around 1300 BCE Kamit having turmoil and many delegations of priests were sent to other parts of the world. Among them were some of the pyramid priests who carried the emerald tablets as a talisman by which they could exercise authority on less advanced priest craft of races descended from other Atlantean colonies. Among this races which had priests possessing the tablets that founded and flourished as the Mayans civilization. Can you comment on this and also on the relationship if any between the Kamitic people and the Mayans? Ivan Van Sertima discusses the Kamitic people having extensive knowledge of specific ocean currents which could bring them directly to different parts of the American which they decided to venture to?
My last set of questions are related to a documentary on netflix The Pyramid Code. They discussed the shape and geometry of the pyramid temples and discussed different sound octaves that were produced and evidence for the sound also being used to treat ailments. They also showed a pyramid temple Abu Rowash on a mountain and discussed the pyramids in Giza originally having the colors white, red and black. Can you comment on this and the possible significance of the colors of the pyramids and the significance of Abu Rowash?