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Maat Middleton

Kemetic culture pinnacle of Africa culture and migration from Kemet

A- The most important themes I heard.

1. This is a close connection between Egypt and other African nations.
2. If we can’t understand Kemet as the summit of African culture, we would not understand anything in African culture. If we can understand then European’s will no longer be able to create complexes within the mind of the people about the Africans of ancient times and the superior complexes black people have now and the world at large will no longer be able to stand in the minds of the African’s or other people.
3. Whenever there is enough evil in the people environment, you will always have migration in the people.
4. North East Africa and West Africa kept up a normal trade system among themselves.
5. The Asarian Kemetic religion was the most popular religion in Africa.
6. There are more correlations between the Yoruba religion and the Kemetic religion that in the Dogon.
7. The Greeks were coming to Kemet to learn and to bring back culture and civilization back to the Greeks. An example of their dependent development for their learning on Kemet.
8. There is nothing in African that could compare to Kemet.
9. Kemet is the flowering of African culture which was developed by the original people there.
10. African culture provided the seeds and Kemet is the flower.
11. The Indians were also descendants of the Kush people.
12. The invention of corporations was one of the worst cultural moves that society has ever made.
13. 10.000 BC the Indians migrated from Africa.
14. The early Chinese were black people and the people from North Asia.

B- Which thought was most important and why?
1. Kush is the same as Nubia, just different name and period, why? because they were cultures developing together.
2. African decided not to develop technology. Why? Because they didn’t need too, they had everything they needed. Development started too stagnant.
3. 3 ways of learning: We learn from a teacher. From experience for yourself. If you are told and you have faith.

C- Note any question you may have.
1. What was the eating habits of the people in the old kingdom, the middle kingdom and the new kingdom?