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Here is additional feedback in the November monthly discussion session recording




This discussion covered a wide ranging and integral discussion including what it means to do integral spiritual practice, after the Temple of Aset music video followed by the Temple of Aset worship and meditation what is danger of orthodox following of Aset while putting down other traditions, importance of integral wholistic understanding of all divinities, then extended wisdom about understanding, accepting and following a teaching, difference between understanding something and being able to live it. Difference between adulthood and maturity, failure of humanity to act for the betterment of humanity, The importance of approaching fellow aspirants with compassion and a view to revealing truth, teaching about the uncreated Absolute Self, how the deeper intuitional self within the heart pushes a person towards the good, special look at the hieroglyphs of understanding from the passages from the teaching of HETHERU AND DJEHUTY and teaching of ASET AND RA