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Dua for your extensive and detailed posting. You captured so many points I was thinking “wow there was a lot in that program.”

I will cover a few of the most important points that are key to understanding the issues involved in the presentation.


  1. Neter, Neterty: this Neter has 2 aspects:
    left eye right brain: wisdom, abstract, visual, non-physical domain
right eye, left brain: coagulated power of the life force; left uncontrolled, can drive you insane
. This original unsigned scripture was put together by several priests and priestesses, Hemu and Hemut. Sebai feels this is one of the most powerful scriptures of all times, all nations. All Truth
    This Neter created itself, was not created. This Dual Divinity is Self Created.


A finer point about Neter Neterty: The concept of Ra as Neter Netery indicates a dual divinity that has an alter aspect, which is unnamed and uncreated. Therefore, from an absolute perspective that absolute has not created or done anything. So it cannot “create itself”. This term “self-created” is a device used in religious parlance to evoke the understanding of a higher concept of the Divine as an entity that transcends things that are “created” or have been generated, as sage Ab Amun would say, from something else. All owes its existence to that which is uncreated but that existence is illusory and temporary and therefore, not real, thus the absolute has done nothing even though something (Creation) appears to exist and things appear to be happening in it. Nevertheless, as in a dream, the dream is illusory while its happening as well as after it has happened and of course before it happened. Therefore, nothing happened.



  1. Lady Aset, the Renaissance Woman.
In the Lower Mysteries, she was very well educated and informed about Life on Earth.For the Higher Mysteries, must go to the Temples. Lady Aset has listened to the teachings, and has obtained a certain larval of knowledge of the Higher Mysteries. She has gone to the Temple to seek beyond physical and corporeal knowledge.


The last part of the statement is key, going to the temple to seek beyond physical and corporeal knowledge. Going to temple implies going to find/receive knowledge that the world does not have; thus worldly people, worldly notions and one’s own worldly delusions are suspect and to be humbled to the wisdom contained in the temple and operated by its managers. IF one were to go to temple for wisdom, is it possible to gain that wisdom while holding on to the illusory worldly and personal notions and delusions? Can the temple teaching be gained while holding on to personal pride, desires and upholding worldly realities?



  1. Mind- Instinctual level of existence. Human Beings CAN have knowledge and wisdom, yet many choose ignorance. People act by what they feel, rather than by what is True. Everything that is Wonderful about being Human is being destroyed by Human Beings, Humans Being Monstrous Demons. Humans Being Set. Humans living a lie, not being Truth. Not Being Maat. Not caring about what happens to the Youth. The World is indeed Glorious, but today, ego prevails over truth. We all have potential for degradation and exaltation, yet the masses choose to be uncouth.
  2. Can swim on the surface, quoting scriptures all day, but they cannot dive deeper. Cannot fathom the True Nature of the teachings. They cannot breathe, they cannot swim. With all the Knowledge of the Universe, they drown. Because they fail to attain and apply the Teachings of the Divine, they fail to integrate into their daily routine.



1-Can a person who has knowledge and yet chooses ignorance be called a shemsu? What does it mean to have knowledge and not act on it and with it in mind? What is choosing to follow truth or choosing to be uncouth? What is choice? Do you have a choice between truth or ignorance? Can one have a choice if one is ignorant? Can one have a choice if one is degraded? Can one have a choice if one is deluded?

2- What part of the presentation said this: “Humans Being Monstrous Demons. Humans Being Set.”

Does being ignorant and or uncaring make one a “monstrous Demon”?



The Goal is to Become an authentic Initiate, an enlightened Sage, integrated into Daily Life.


The statement is its own feedback.