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A good summary. You have included the salient points of the Asarian resurrection and your takeaways and impressions about Goddess Aset are appreciated.

The Mythic level of the Asarian resurrection and of the Aset and Ra are factors that every initiate should have firmly established so as to inform themselves as well as to share with the regular rekhyt. The initiates do not share the internal teachings of the temple but reflect and reinforce the mythic narrative in social consciousness generally.

An inner teaching is that all that Aset seems to care about in the myth seem to be repudiated in the inner scripture. That is not to be reconciled outside the walls of the temple. But inside, the initiates are supposed to be mature enough first to understand and then to adopt and then to realize the teaching.

In order to adopt it the teaching need to be first accepted, then agreed with in terms of ka-mind and peru-hat emotions of heart.


A teaching that is not usually highlighted is part of the resolution of the Asarian Resurrection where Set is granted 2 goddesses like Asar has. To go further with that the indication is satisfying Set, the ego, with fullness of body and mind, which calms/resolves the ego. This is part of the deeper aspect of the myth.

Another aspect is that she brought Asar back to life with air; this implies life force and Serpent Power.

The inner teaching is the responsibility and domain of the initiate. Thinking with this ideal is important in making the transition from Shems to Asar level initiation.

Very good-continue to the next assignment