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Udja Shems Damaz. In reading through your nefer posting it is clear that you not only thoroughly know the plot of the Asarian Ressurection Myth, but also have keen insight into the roles of Asar, Aset, Heru and Set and how each defines one’s spiritual evolution. For this reason the Asarian Resurrection is the perfect foundation for TTOA course, which focuses on the Divine principals of Aset. In your statement:

“ The importance of ASET is not just as the important divinity but, without ASET there can be no resurrection, no victory for Heru. ASET in her essential context as well is higher than Heru and ASAR and that is why she is revealed in all countries and worshipped everywhere more than other divinities.”

Indeed, I would agree that Aset plays a key and important role in the Trinity with Asar and Heru, however, I am hesitant to think of Aset as “higher than Heru and Asar,” but rather, as you say, “essential.” This is a complete turn-around for me because from the time I was a young girl up until I formally came into the teachings it was all about Aset. I have since come to think of Asar, Aset and Heru as more of a package deal—a Divine Trinity with equal but different roles.

Ny, it is true that there can be no resurrection or “victory for Heru” without Aset, but if there is no higher aspiration (Heru) there is no chance of revelation or resurrection, and Aset remains veiled. Likewise, aspiration without Asar is a worldly misdirected existence which also leads to mortality. It is the Trinity (Asar, Aset and Heru) that leads to Oness with the Divine Self and if one is subtracted we are left with duality, which leads to pain and suffering. Each needs the other for spiritual rebirth to occur. When we awaken the intuitional wisdom within, under the proper guidance of an authentic Spiritual Preceptor, we become intiated into the Mysteries of Aset which is the emphasis of TTOA course. Your writing gives all indication that you have a firm foundation in the teachings, and I look forward to learning from you in your continued participation.

Shems Heryt