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Bastu Baket

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Dua Shems Damaz for your in-depth post relating the important aspects of the Asarian Resurrection Myth. I appreciated the different the mythic take-aways or Maut you so eloquently describe. I especially resonated with the 2nd Maut dealing with Preceptorship “Without that preceptorship, one will be easily involved in the illusory aspect of life and will not develop the proper understanding and wisdom necessary to attain the goal of the spiritual path.” and the 4th “The Spiritual path is one of embracing instead of separation, one of cultivation of wisdom, instead of ignorance, one allowing us to put the pieces of the personality together and mastering them in putting them to work for a common goal, instead of letting them dominate and driving us in different directions, and ultimately, it is a path that leads to a state of consciousness of unity with the Divine instead of consciousness of duality.”

Your 2nd to last paragraph about Goddess Aset as the revealing principle of the Divinity within brought to mind what we say during our morning devotional, “Aset is in your heart and only needs to be revealed.”

Shems Baket