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Arit Neter S

Lesson 4 Video Assignment:
List the Important Points of this Lecture

Important points of Lecture for lesson 4 TTOA

1. The discussion forums have been separated into lesson forums
2. Abaton is the Island temple Complex in Aswan at Philae
3. Hieratic Script is cursive hieroglyphic for writing fast. But the meaning and significance is lost, it does not last. Hieroglyphic is easiest on the eye, more appealing, and easiest to read. Left and right brain are activated.
4. Mythic wisdom is like the waves of the ocean. We are diving deep underneath the surface, diving INTO the ocean.
5. Visual aspects of the glyphs themselves have a certain effect on the Mind. 
Western alphabet leaves this feeling behind. 
When looking at images, they have a structural effect on the Mind.
Sanskrit and others may LOOK similar, yet still are more of the alphabet kind.
6. When using mind with senses, mind is being projected through the senses, like lenses.
Some people can feel it, like eyes in the back of their head.
When someone stares at you, you turn around, as if your name had been read!
7. For immature, egoistic personality, there is a tendency for them to be over connected to physicality.
Including the emotions from other people places and things’ reality. It’s all energy!
8. You want the mind to visually become a part of this audio-visual presentation of the ancient world. In Education, they tell us that with audio only, 30% retention occurs
audio plus visual 80% is retained. Music affects emotions and feelings. Combine with visuals and deep insight offerings creates a powerful tool for spiritual practice and greater innerstandings.
9. certain images are cut in stone, recessed, while others are raised for even more dynAmic effect.
10. Hieroglyphs give us a visual experience of the wisdom teachings, while hieratic learning takes place all in the mind, and so is just preaching. To really absorb. when you go to the Temples, just wander around, and try to sit down, and meditate on the wisdom you have found. just don’t let the guards hear you make any devotional sound….
11. Neter, Neterty: this Neter has 2 aspects:
left eye right brain: wisdom, abstract, visual, non-physical domain
right eye, left brain: coagulated power of the life force; left uncontrolled, can drive you insane
. This original unsigned scripture was put together by several priests and priestesses, Hemu and Hemut. Sebai feels this is one of the most powerful scriptures of all times, all nations. All Truth
This Neter created itself, was not created. This Dual Divinity is Self Created.
In actuality, the Transcendental Nature of Itself created Itself.
12. Also created the air, life force within the Breath of Life.
Life Force related to consciousness, that allows your mind to function,
 allows your mind to direct attention to the Senses..
allows your mind to think.
13. When Asar wrote the letter to the Ennead, that was the first instance of KemetMail (BlackMail, haha)
14. Native and Indigenous Peoples had become complacent, too comfortable, ungrateful, forgetful, ignorant of the world outside of their community, they lived in a bubble. They forgot their Divinity, Ignored Spirituality, Became obsessed with Cultural Identity and nationality. So they were destroyed, and what remains is now occupied by terrorist territories and activity.
15. When one is called to Know the Joy and Peace of Enlightenment, THAT Divinity is Lord, not an individual or entity outside of oneself.

16. TRANSLATION MATRIX: Truth is based on context, on perspective. Must look at the occurrences of a word, the context, so that you can discern the actual meaning, the deeper meaning.
17. in verse 5, the People are being placed in front of gods and goddesses. This Being is in a condition of Oneness, one year to the Divinity is 120 years to us. This Divinity exists outside of time and space reality that we live in. The exact location of this Abode is Not Known.
18. from metaphysical perspective, this Divinity experiences time in a fashion that is relative.
The Astral Plane is where the Mind is experiencing time and space. The Clock of the Cosmic Mind has no face. When you perceive time, what you experience exists only within your mind. It is not real, not even physical.
19. Touching is an illusion- all energy and frequency, nervous system and the soul interprets the signals with sensitivity. registering, perceiving, storing, and recognizing events of the senses.
Get too close to the senses that people believe to be reality, this is pure Egoism Identity psychosis, mental illness Insanity. Instead turn towards the Truth, live by the Truth, which is Transcendental
20. This Divinity is existing in the form of Oneness, experiencing time in a relative way, and has many not-known names.
21. Subtlety:
example: X-Rays. X-Rays are subtler than the matter they are going through. There are things that are subtler than the X-Rays. Cosmic Particles pass thru lead, even the Earth. That which is subtler permeates that which is gross (less subtle). Xrays pass through bodies, walls, (If you can make the body subtle enough by changing the frequency, one can pass through anything!)
Created beings, emanations grosser than their creator, originator. the subtlelist, substratum, the source of everything that is being projected. 
 The Life Force IN the Sun is subtler than the Sun; the Source of the Life Force is subtler than the life force; the Creator of the Source of the Life Force is subtler than the source of the life force….
22. Lady Aset, the Renaissance Woman.
In the Lower Mysteries, she was very well educated and informed about Life on Earth.For the Higher Mysteries, must go to the Temples. Lady Aset has listened to the teachings, and has obtained a certain larval of knowledge of the Higher Mysteries. She has gone to the Temple to seek beyond physical and corporeal knowledge.
23. Her expertise in words and knowledge have led her to Khak Ab College. REPUDIATING HEART, another name for Apep, the general in the Army of Set. Revulsion, revolting, repudiation, makes you want to throw things up. Is this a judgement, or a reaction?
24. Mind- Instinctual level of existence. Human Beings CAN have knowledge and wisdom, yet many choose ignorance. People act by what they feel, rather than by what is True. Everything that is Wonderful about being Human is being destroyed by Human Beings, Humans Being Monstrous Demons. Humans Being Set. Humans living a lie, not being Truth. Not Being Maat. Not caring about what happens to the Youth. The World is indeed Glorious, but today, ego prevails over truth. We all have potential for degradation and exaltation, yet the masses choose to be uncouth.
25. Feeling Memory of your experience goes into your heart and is weighed against a feather. feels like airyu is real and belongs to you, so you hold on to it, but it weighs you down, like a fetter. and This heaviness gets weighed, but letting go is much better. If you allow your airyu to weigh you down, you will always taste the salty Tears of a Clown.
26. Human Beings were not designed to withstand Cosmic Rays like X-rays, microwaves chemotherapy radiation and mammograms. We know this because there is a protective layer, and yet science continues to find ways to expose us and bombard us more and more each day. Mammograms cause cancer, and then they sell you the cure. Then they poison you with drugs, then murder you with invasive procedures, and then say you could not be cured.

27. Humans live only at the surface and live in denial of the truth of the Emotions, feelings, ariyu and reactions that dwell beneath the surface. We tend yo accept THIS as our Desire. Ariyu in your Ab (heart) comes into your Ka (astral body) and then you act them out in the Physical Reality. 95% actions are unconscious, 5% are Conscious, and are based 100% on Ariyu.
28. The Personality is cloaked with 95% of desires of egoistic ariyu. This tricks you into maintaining the stats quo, Ego Preservation, Life on the Plantation. Thwarts your plans for Nehast Super fast. Puts your effort towards Enlightenment last. Ariyu has not changed, only been re-arranged.
29. Can swim on the surface, quoting scriptures all day, but they cannot dive deeper. Cannot fathom the True Nature of the teachings. They cannot breathe, they cannot swim. With all the Knowledge of the Universe, they drown. Because they fail to attain and apply the Teachings of the Divine, they fail to integrate into their daily routine.
30. Khak Ab: the most important of All Teachings. When one grows tired of life as a human being. Dispassion, Detachment Disillusionment. Not throwing things or running away. Be Stedfast, Unaffected, Not Swayed by events of human existence in time or space.
31. Set clouds the mind to seek and embrace Secular Corporate Demagogues, rather than living as gods or goddesses. Demagogue: “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument” Merriam Dictionary.
(like the pompous pumpkin-head that was selected by a few to lead the current day occupation of Turtle Island.)
32. Aset came to these conclusions when Kemet was at the top! Before the Invasions, before the Romans, before the Greeks. She was feeling the same way that we in this virtual classroom are feeling today. 5% Conscious and 95% Unconscious and controlling my life? leading me to more struggle and strife! Must B Sirius Fighter, Be Relentless, Be Aset, and turn things around to 95% Conscious, and 5 % HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS! We will soon learn easy one needs to do to change the airy. How to live with heart as light, as a feather. How to come into True Knowledge that leads to Nehast
33. Ego blocks you from connecting with your Enlightenment. With enlightened unconscious, Nehast is always operating, in the background of your Mind.Then your perception of conceptual reality does not affect your inner world.
34. Allow Positive Ariyu to displace negative ariyu( enlightened unconscious). Once you attain knowledge and/or Nehast, it becomes an aspect of your personality. REMAIN connected to the Higher Self. Remove the cloak of your ego, which blocks you from the connecting with Truth of your higher Self.
35. Curiosity: things which appear to be happening and yet have no meaning. Joys and Sorrows of Human Existence have no real significance, only in Time & Space. The Goal is to Become an authentic Initiate, an enlightened Sage, integrated into Daily Life.