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Maat Middleton

Lesson 3
Interactions between Kemetic culture and other African cultures
A- Notes on the most important themes I heard.
1. The great Temple of the goddess Het Heru.
2. What brought the middle kingdom to an end was the attacks of the Asiatic (Hyksos).
3. The king leads the Heka, Crook the power to lead, the fail the power to direct. The king leads the people and directs the army and the Hekat, the government workers and etc.
4. The army and royalties started to take control over the priesthood.
5. I order for you to exist in the world you have to have a window into the world.
6. Culture is a way to see what’s going on.
7. The 3 points of realities are = physical, image and verbalization. Name, idea, absolute and transcendental.
8. We are transcendental beings.
9. No two souls have the same karmic basic.
10. The Temples was also a hospital.
11. Kemet tried to civilize the world.
12. Some Temples where converted into Christians churches.
13. As a human being you are having a cosmic journey that goes beyond time and space.
B-1. Where are you, which part of your body are you? You are the soul that comes into the body, allows you to live as a human being in time and space. Your a spirit having human experiences, you are immortal.
A-14. Whenever you see something you like it resonate with something you experienced in the past, something you desired.
15. Nubia is the ancestral land of the Gods and Goddesses.
16. Sahara beer with the great pyramid from the old kingdom on it of the great Imhotep, shows how deranged the culture is that put a great pyramid on a beer bottle.
17. The Sahara desert was not always a desert in ancient times. It became a desert.
18. Asia became a desert also.
19. In the new kingdom period the royalty of Kemet didn’t want the Asiatic who were attacking Kemet or taking over Kemet to continue, so they started to control into Europe and India.
20. The Kemet tried to civilize the rest of the world to prevent resentment.
21. The black people in Kemet didn’t have a racial belief system in their culture.
22. If the ethic changes the culture shouldn’t change.
23. Your culture, your basic values, your spiritual consumption, your ethical basic for society are the basic that should not change.
24. The Romans were very successful in destroying Kemet and setting up their empire. They had a simple rule that if you oppose them they will destroy you.
25. If you live a life of virtue your karmic basic will be virtuous with light. If you live a life of vice your karmic basic will be heavy and weight you down with dull experiences in life, adversity in life and dullness in life.
C- Questions: When and how did the Sahara desert and Asia Minor become a desert?
m Htp.