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Many important items were brought out in this lesson and you have made good detailed notes. Some of the most important ones include:


-Neterians- Shemsu -(followers) Neter –acting like , doing like, feeling like, thinking like & becoming like. By following/acting like the divinities, we become like them. This is a follower of Neterian culture spirituality.

-God & Godesses- (cosmic forces from Neter-supreme divinity

-Three stages of Religion-Myth-to be heard-story about a divinity, Ritual- i.e. chanting, virtuous living-to be followed-Shemsu, Mystical experience-Allows a human being to discover and experience the divine.

– Sacred Scriptures of Shetaut Neter- Mythic scriptures, Mystical (Ritual)

-Sema Tawi-(Egyptian Yoga) -Heru & Set

-Shedy Discipline- leads to Maakheru-


It is good to see and important to know that you have remarked on the special and different nature of this program such that you have highlighted on the issue of the HOR-EM-ACKET {Sphinx} and the issue of “SEMA-TAWI”. Specifically, you noticed that the teaching has a psychological component that you were not expecting. Indeed you will find that, unlike orthodox or faith-based, delusions of physical life after death or other notions of faith in ignorant or childish notions of spirituality, the Shetaut Neter (Egyptian Mysteries) are an authentic and highly advanced mystic wisdom philosophy teachings that require keen intellect and purity of heart and feelings in order to be understood and practiced. The objective is to achieve higher consciousness, which is a psychological process leading to intuitional realization of one’s Higher Self. That intuition is beyond all physical and psychological notions; yet the road to that begins with and requires firm footing on sound historical, mythic understanding as well as a healthy mind and body.

As you continue through the program you will encounter many wonderful revelations both psychological and also intuitional. The process is supportive, cleansing, and elevating, leading to the discovery of the supreme abode of the enlightened heart. This is the goal of every aspirant and it is the purpose for the existence of this program. Thus, continue the explorations as you move forward in life, and there will be increasing understanding, wisdom and insights.

Very good