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This is a very orderly and succinct post. You have correctly stated the facts of the answers to each question. This lesson is in a way a refresher from the course Kemet 101 and contains certain facts that need to be kept in mind and also they act as necessary foundations for understanding where the Kemetic culture and teaching is coming from culturally but also intellectually. This is a lesson that can be referred to again and again as the facts need to be well inculcated and should not be forgotten.


From here the lessons increasingly become steeped in initiatic wisdom teachings that lead to highly philosophical insights. Therefore, continue step by step through each lesson, to gather the teachings, carefully following the lesson plan and assimilating the teaching so as to retain and then be able to make use of it in day to day life. This can be facilitated by reviewing the same lesson posts by other students. This acts as a continuous refresher and also engages a process that allows the teachings to become well seated in the deeper levels of mind, making them available to the desired thought process that promotes proper reasoning and cognition necessary to excel in the teaching of Shetaut Neter.

Very good