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Level 1 Video assignment: intro to SN Part 1b.mp4

List the important themes presented:

-Spiritual Organization-Temple of Shetatut Neter/ Sema Institute
-Introduction presentation Shetaut Neter, Neterianism-the ancient
Religion of Africa.
-Sphinx-(herumakhet)-10,500 BC-earliest example of the practice of religion in human history.
-Time-line of Major world Religions
-Picture-Who were the Nubians & the Kamitans? Differentiated by their head dress & not their skin color. Nubians- feather/Kamitams-Princes of ancient egypt
-Lord Khepri- Founder of Shetaut Neter, brought the world into existence
Sailing of the boat symbolizes the movement or vibration of matter in time & space.
-Shetaut Hidden, Neter-Divinity-hidden divinity in all things, that’s to be discovered. The teaching is about the discovery
-Neterians- Shemsu -(followers) Neter –acting like , doing like, feeling like, thinking like & becoming like. By following/acting like the divinities, we become like them. This is a follower of Neterian culture spirituality.
-God & Godesses- (cosmic forces from Neter-supreme divinity) they are the entry/doorway into spirituality. This is done by following them, discovering what they mean-their powers within us & consolidating those powers. They are highly involved spiritual teachings that enable the mind to better understand the divinity.
-Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic iconography-images of the divine, that shapes the mind to have a greater understanding.
– The purpose of Life-Ancient Egyptian Harper’s Song-We cannot stay or linger here on earth. No one can escape dying. We must plan for our departure.
-Three stages of Religion-Myth-to be heard-story about a divinity, Ritual- i.e. chanting, virtuous living-to be followed-Shemsu, Mystical experience-Allows a human being to discover and experience the divine.
-Story of Asar, Aset & Heru- characters of the myth can be seen in the Temples. The idea is to re-enact the myth, by doing so, the teaching & feeling of the characters of the myth are revised within you. This is the process of Shetaut Neter. No temple can be found by any other religion,
only through books.
-The Great Awakening-Nehast-(spiritual awakening-becoming enlightened) The goal of Neterian culture.
– Sacred Scriptures of Shetaut Neter- Mythic scriptures, Mystical (Ritual)
Philosophy literature & the Wisdom texts
-The 4 Great Truths of Shetaut Neter- The 4 Great Neterian Principles-Introduction to Neterian Spirituality.
-Books written to cover the different traditions of ancient Kemit.
-Papyrus Ani-scene of the text-Prt m Hru- Ani is an initiate, he has gone through the balance of the scales & has been judged to be righteous. Heru
is bringing the iniatiate Ani before Asar. Through Heru power-we challenge the evil of the world & life, winning in the battle of life. The redeemed quality of the personality.
-Sema Tawi-(Egyptian Yoga) -Heru & Set are the 2 challengers/main battlers in Neterian culture & spirituality. Heru is the higher self & Set is the lower self of the personality. They also represent the upper & lower Egypt. Concept- the 2 opposites are being brought into a form of union-(Sema).
Kemetic culture is divided into 2 lands-upper & lower Egypt. These characters are a part of you-personality. If they are balanced, harmonized,
redeemed, the ego is controlled-great resurrection.
-Shedy Discipline- leads to Maakheru- self knowledge and truth of speech.
Enlightening your intellect, your actions, your feelings, purifying your heart & developing will. There are books for each one.
-Books- Kemetic Diet- Insight into the health culture which is necessary for proper spiritual evolution. Egyptian Yoga-Discipline of special postures which is directly related to the concept-Shemsu Neter. The discipline brings physical health, mythological wisdom and cultivation of the cosmic forces. Practiced by the ancient priest & Priestess.
-Basic daily Observances of Shemsu- Worship program-3 times daily or atleast once a day-Practicing cleanliness-reading/scripture, lighting a candle/incense, reciting the 4 great truths, chanting the daily Hekau, meditation, placing an offering. Practicing this daily is following the 3 aspects of Ra-Khepri-Ra-Tem.

Explain what impressed you most in the presentation:

There were actually a few things that impressed me, One being: Sphinx is the earliest example of the practice of religion in human history
Two: Sema Tawi-Higher & lower self of the personality. If they are balanced, harmonized and redeemed, the ego is controlled-great resurrection. This concept is psychological, which to me is a different approach in religion. The purpose of life- not taking worldly items, like money, car, home, friends/family, etc., or your mind. What do you take with you? This is what I’d like to know.