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Kemet 101 Lesson 2
Foundation of Kemetic Civilization
African Civilization Religion & Philosophy
A- Notes on the most important themes I heard & B- Notes which one I thought was most important and why. C- Questions
1- “If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past success will elude him who ignores what he should know” African Proverbs
2- What was a major contributing factor to the down fall of African civilization (Kemetic Civilization)?
3- Between the 10.000 period old kingdom, the 5,000 period middle kingdom and the new kingdom there was a breakdown in the order of society.
4- In our history we have the oldest writing that are known of in the world history.
5- The breakdown in society happens because of forgetfulness. The forgetfulness of ethic and morality of righteousness of living by truth, this causes a down fall in society.
6- This society has a morality of selfishness and greed.
7- (B) This forgetfulness happens over a period of thousands of years. Why? When you’re not challenged as a people.
8- You should not say that evil should not exist, evil is a factor of life that serves the good.
9- The ethical teachings are Maat.
10- The forgetfulness was already here in the Pyramid Text & the Wisdom Text, these two texts gave rise to the Book of the Dead.
11- (B) This concept of spiritual awareness started to wave. Why? People started to degrade, there was no one to test them, their resolves and test their desire to uphold righteousness, than there was greed that started to take over, pleasure seeking, which were the moral degradation which allowed corruption to come into the social and political order.
12- Why is it so important for us to have popular music when we can’t have clean water in Africa? We can have our music but we can’t have clean water. Why? There is a problem with the ethics and morality of the people, state and government.
13- Sen & the word Sant means brother and sister.
14- The United States has been around for 200 years and we’re talking about societies that been around for thousands of years.
15- In the last 2 thousands year Europe went through its middle ages, the dark ages and etc.
16- (B) When the Christian religions came into Egypt and started closing down the temples this was the beginning of the Dark Age for humanity. Why? Europe began to impose Orthodox religion on humanity. Their plan was to destroy all other religions accept for Christianity.
17- We are just coming out of that Dark Age now.
18- Most of the African nations are just coming out of colonialism in the 50’s.
19- Islam had the same concept as the Christians that’s why there will never be peace between the two.
20- (B) throughout all that happened the Kemetic religions persisted, it never stopped until the Christians took over the Roman Empire about 350AC. Why? That is when Christianity was adopted by the Roman Empire as a means to consolidate the Roman Empire.
21- The priest and the priestesses managed the Kemetic Temples which governed the center for the management of agriculture, education, social and political order and of course the center for spirituality of religion (Shetaut Neter) in the society. So when they closed the Temples down they closed down the economic management of the society.
22- Writing was very important in the Kemetic society.
23- There are 3 basic human needs that has to be taking care of in order to have a stable and ordered society.
24- The 3 needs are from the ethical teachings (Maat), which the rulers must look out for and is found in the Book of the Dead. Why? Food, shelter, a boat to be understood as substance, home and opportunities, the abilities to go places and do things. This is the Maat law and written in books.
25- The Temples provided for all education on all levels and for all people in society. Why? The Temples was the foundation of Kemetic civilization for all people within the society, common folks, skilled workers, government workers, Priest & Priestesses and the matriarchy.
26- (B) There was a balance between man and woman in the Kemetic society. Why? Men and woman had every right in society, they had an equal state in every aspect of sociality. Women were educated and rulers in society. People were addressed as Gods and Goddesses. The Temples provided for all.
27- Kemet had a culture that existed in righteousness. The culture we now live in exist in greed. The Kemetic culture has been obstructed in Africa by male dominance and the concept of polygamy.
C- Questions I have
1. Within the old kingdom of the Kemetic civilization did their citizens eat fish and animals and if not when did they start eating fish and animals in ancient Kemet (Egypt).
2. What was the rightful age for the Gods and Goddesses to have children?
3. What year did the Christians come into the Kemetic civilization and how many years was it before they were able to breakdown society?
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