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This is the assignment from Lvl 1 Lesson 1
Video Assignment – Intro to SN short part 1b



List important themes
* Access to the temple and teachings is reserved for those who have achieved a certain level of spiritual dedication and understanding
* Meditation systems existed long before traditional Indian systems and written instructions are available
* Judgement scene highlights the sole focus of spiritual aspiration – lightening of the heart – to sit with Asar and also what happens if your heart is equal to Maat’s feather or heavier than the feather
* Meditation and postures give us the opportunity to explore the divine personalities within ourselves. It opens our mind and body to actually feel the lessons to be learned through focus on a particular divinity
* As an aspirant we must listen to the teachings, reflect & discuss, and then meditate on it to make it a part of our thought process
* When receiving instruction from my spiritual preceptor I must let go of all ego attachment and accept it. I must trust that this is divine instruction an act on it the best way I can without challenge.
* Spiritual preceptors are there to guide us in how to think intuitively not necessarily by academic logic
* There will come a day when I understand the teachings in ways that are indescribable. I will feel and understand them without the use of language.

Explain what impressed you most in the presentation
There is no gloom or doom or threats of harm for sins committed in this spiritual system. Neterianism, from what I understand so far, encourages an aspirant to put forth their best-dedicated effort in continuous learning. It requires the use of our entire body with postures, mind with study, and devoted soul. We must understand the teachings for ourselves. That understanding doesn’t always make sense when we say it out loud but we can still feel it! Everything is about balance – balance with Maat & balanced integral shedy to make your heart lighter than maat!