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The video covered several important themes:

1. Civilization and culture are different.
2. Closing Kemetic temples gave rise to humanity’s Dark Age.
3. Kemetic civilization lasted as long as it did because of its spiritual consciousness.
4. Society is responsible for providing its citizens’ three basic needs.
5. Technological development was not a priority in Kemet
6. Temples were the foundation of Kemetic society.
7. Women and men had equal stakes in Kemet.

The most important theme was this: Forgetting the past erodes morality and destroys civilizations.

Kemet was the most advanced civilization the world has ever known. Before I watched this video, I used to think Kemet fell from foreign invasion, and while this is partially true, Dr. Ashby taught me that Kemetic civilization began to erode from within, thousands of years before invaders came. He cited this Kemetic proverb:

“If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past,
Success will elude him who ignores what he should know.”

Kemet may have peaked around 10,000 BCE (in the Old Kingdom), but 5,000 years later, and for the next 2,000 years (from the Old to Middle Kingdom), its society gradually deteriorated from a lack of spirituality and morality. Fewer of its citizens were spiritually conscious as their ancestors had been, so fewer of them lived in accordance with the principles of Ma’at. What caused the change?

Kemet had enjoyed thousands of years of abundance, peace, and prosperity, but between 5,000 BCE and 3,000 BCE, its citizens began turning away from righteous living and turning to greed, selfishness, and pleasure-seeking. The same was true for its political leaders, who also became corrupt.

Today’s African cultures can learn a lesson from Ancient Egypt. We will never again be a great people unless we turn back to our Kemetic roots. The European has always been selfish and greedy and amoral. We can continue to emulate him, or we can return to living the way our ancestors did. And by living as they did, with spirituality as the foundation of their lives, they produced the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.


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