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Asar Maat E


1. The Doll Studies were first published by Black Psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the late 1930s and 1940s. The studies were seminal ind document internalized racism among African-American children and paved the way for research on self-esteem and self-concept, as well as the desecration of public schools following the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case. In recent years other researchers have conducted the study finding similar results.
2. The Doll experiment has been repeated on additional groups and different methodology.of African American children, e.g., Kira Davis (A Gilrl Like Me) and ABC news .
3. Normally, all researchers conducting studies involving human subjects must obtain approval to be conducted from their affiliate institution’s Human Research Protection Program. These programs are responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects. The HRPP requires researcher to take training (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative – CITI) to learn the ethics of conducting researching so as not to cause harm to potential subjects. In a test such as this there are cautions of causing undue emotional and psychological distress to the participants of the study.
4. Therefore, it is not appropriate for a lay person without CITI training and without approval for the protocols of the research to conduct such a study.
5. The dismemberment of the doll in front of the children was not appropriate way to assert the point of the researcher. The effect may have been one of introducing and enforcing violence thoughts among the children. It also demonstrated a devaluation of life for based on race, which appears to be counter the message that was intended to be conveyed.
6. There is some potential for harm to the participants and society in that the participants may have walked away with distress that was not properly debriefed or resolved and members of society observing this video online may derive inappropriate messages about the proper conduct for research and distress interns of observing the interactions with the children in the video. In addition the message of perpetuating violence may be pasted on the members of society who view the video.
7. Unfortunately, such a test in an of itself would not be expected to have lasting results on the subjects or society. The original doll experiments were conducted and disseminated as published research and subsequently used in legal proceedings to affirm documentation of the detrimental impact of racial segregation in schools.
8. Given the lack of protocol, limited number of subjects it would not be appropriate for the results of this test to be used to suggest protocol.
9. Follow-up with the children would be appropriate in terms of assessing their reactions to the test and then determining what if any impact of harm or benefit was done to provide appropriate debriefing (e.g., explaining age appropriate information about the self and self image using Kemetic philosophical teachings). Conducting follow-up to further the research study would not be appropriate without proper protocols for human research subject protection.
10. The experimental methodology has a number of problems with regard to following the scientific method of study.
11. Given my understanding of the teaching of Shetaut Neter, it would seem that the Hemu of Kemet would not support such an experiment as the core focus and intention of the research looking as racial perceptions is not in alignment with the knowledge of Self put forth by the ancient scriptures. Humans are not viewed in terms of racial and external characteristics. In addition, using and image of Jesus as an assessment of a person’s perception of God is flawed in that the teachings do not posit God as a human being. Neberdjer the all encompassing divinity essence does not have shape or form.
12. Given my understanding the approach towards such a test would involve seeking to ascertain the subjects level of knowledge of self in relation to the all encompassing divinity. In a current research study, we are examining the concept of spirit and the ways in which subjects have clarity about the concept of spirit, embody spirit as an aspect of themselves and access or rely on their understanding of spirit as a resource.

Here is an approach to accessing internalized bias that is useful tool with virtually risks of harm as an alternative to tests such as doll test…..