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October 16, 2018

“One cannot force another to grow beyond their capacity” AEP, pg 63
“The wise person feeds the KA with what endures, so that it is happy with the person on earth. The wise is known by his or her wisdom. The great are known by their wisdom.” AEP, pg 48
“Speculation is the domain of the ignorant, to KNOW is the goal of the true SEEKER.” AEP, pg 47

I think the doll test in Nigeria was unfortunate. It was unfortunate because there was no good reason for it especially on such a short visit. However, it made me reflect “What would Amuntyt do if she was asked to participate?” As a Hmu (priestess), I pray that I would have found the wisdom to suggest something else more in line with the teachings of Shetaut Neter. I found the video painful to watch as though there was to be some (wow I knew it!) satisfaction when a child affirmed our worst fears based on Colonialism, Racism and White Supremacy. For me, I thought this “social behavior” test was done at the expense of the self-esteem of the children and possibly the parents.
When I first visited Nigeria almost 30 years ago now, the streets were lined up with vendors selling pictures of “white Jesus’s”. When I commented with disgust, my host informed me that Nigerians see “money” associated with a white Jesus (or white anything for that matter). So I thought about the white mercenaries that came and (still come) to Africa to teach school and evangelize. The children who successfully completed their studies were given the “good jobs”. So, I would not have watched this video if it had not been given to me as an assignment. I already knew the outcome. Very few Africans and Africans throughout the diaspora have escaped the psychological damage from slavery and colonialism.
Also, who knows what was in the head of the children as these “leading” questions were thrusted upon them. Sometimes children just like to please adults (especially nice American strangers) and accepting a white doll may have been part of that desire to please and not offend. They may have observed the deference their parents showed around Europeans. In addition did the interviewers know how the concept of “darkness or blackness” and “light or whiteness” are perceived by this particular community? There are many negative interpretation of darkness or the color black being something mysterious, ominous, etc. which may have impacted their responses. In the Nigerian flag white means peace. In their coat of arms, there are two white horses which represents nobility and two white lines which represents the Niger and Benue rivers. I don’t know what their traditional religion was for this particular community visited but perhaps the color in their religious symbols could be explored to see if there could be some influence.
If it was allowed by the parents, it would have been wiser to stick to the teachings of Shetaut Neter with the children. One option would be to teach them the ancient African fable of Asar, Ast and Hru. Perhaps it was done but not videoed. I found that children love to stretch their bodies – they are very opened to the yoga postures. I have observed that young children learn the chants very easily and with such joy. Perhaps these activities would have been a better alternative to help in the restoration of the collective memory of African consciousness.
It was unfortunate and dangerous to destroy the white doll. Where was the Maat in that? I found that out the hard way when I took a white girl doll away from an 8 year old boy. He yelled, screamed and cried for his doll. Little did I know that the homosexual behavior that his mother and I were trying to prevent was already set in motion. But that is another story. The white doll was not the problem then or now. In our ignorance we show our own pain and suffering that has yet to be properly healed. We should also ask the question why a female doll was chosen instead of male dolls to do an evaluation of African consciousness. Could that possibly be an internal bias in our unconscious?
White racism and white supremacy is a very complex issue that must be understood and challenged politically, economically and spiritually. White women are the standard of beauty because white or the western world controls the narrative and most people of color have been infected with that narrative. As stated by psychologist Wade Nobles when discussing the power of memes in his book, The Island of Memes: Haiti’s Unfinished Revolution “ Memetic infection would, in fact, suggest that the contagious information pattern that replicated itself via infecting the minds of the enslaved Africans (and colonized African) was an identifiable complex of ideas and experiences that supported the belief that the African was chattel and void of human value and worth. Supported by this memetic infection, the only behaviors and beliefs allowable were those representing dependency, inferiority, passivity, servility, meekness, obedience, and fearfulness.”
The only way out of this “Western” narrative of shattered African consciousness and fractured Black identity is to raise people’s consciousness. To me, that is what the teachings of Shetaut Neter is all about, the raising of consciousness gradually until there is a complete transformation from a bodily consciousness to a transcendental/immortal consciousness. As a priestess, I would have embraced the children where they were, stayed cognizant of the valuable but short time that I would have with these precious souls. I would pray that Amun would shine through my personality with such lucidity that one day the ancestral memories of these children would awaken such that they too may become searchers for the truth.

HTP (Peace & Blessings),

Uab Amuntyt