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Arit Neter S

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Just Ask the Lonely

perhaps the lonely are not really so lonely at all, perhaps they are just absorbing what they learned, and see the folly of getting entangled in world relations.It is really society’s standards that label single people as lonely. There are benefits to both being in a relationship and living single, there are plenty of people in relationships that are more lonely than single people. This song is a great promotional tool for brainwashing people into believing that they are lonely. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone with ones self.However, the emotions the feelings, the melody portrayed in this song are deeply moving and captivating. Redrect the energy towards appeciluving the fact that one is able to spend time in quiet solitude with the Divine would be my advice. Offer these feeling up to the Divine instead of dwelling on them and in them.

Standing in the Shadows of Love

In the context of my history:
each relationship has ended in “heartache” or “disappointment”, shellshocked at the prospect of another relationship, yet aware of the benefits. So, now spend each relationship looking for “red flags” and deciding if the next red flag is one red flag too many! In there words, not listening to my on guides…

In the context of Rekh Ab:
When able to let go, with detachment, there is no past, there is non pain, there is no shame, there are no red flags, there is Trust in the Divine, there is Flow, there is Positive Aryu, there is no looking back. There is nothing to lose, and enlightenment to gain.

But when standing in the shadows of love, getting ready for the NEXT heartache to come, means that you never learn from these experiences, just keep repeating them. Again, more propaganda for love relationships outside of ourselves, with no songs or guidance about loving oneself, the most important love relationship anyone will ever have.

Let Go: feel lighter than before
each new relation or encounter began
gaining new reason for living, pushed aside all delusions
Rising in the Light Vibrations of Love
letting go of all past obstacles and pains
Memories are Company, not Prisons
Dancing in the Light Vibrations of Love
Getting ready to make offerings all day