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Arit Neter S

Response to Shems Baket Post #9042
Dua Shems Baket. not wanting to go “tit for tat”, I do appreciluv your comments. I stand by my statement however, because reading the glyphs alone can expand one’s ability to understand the teachings, even this that have yet to find Sebai Maa or Seba Dja. It may not be enough for an Initiate of the Shetaut Neter Temple of Aset, but for the rekhit, it will certainly expand their level of awareness BASED ON THEIR OWN ARIYU AND CURRENT LEVEL OF COMPREHENSION. I witnessed this during my recent trip with a totally uninitiated wonderful light being. It is important to this aspirant to not look down on those that are just beginning their studies. And in my case when I attended my very first Goddess festival and Conference, I was actually “scoping the scene” for a potential spiritual mate! LOL!! No matter what level of study, even if the student is studying with a teacher that is worldly and ignorant of their own divinity, just by studying the Medu Neter or Medtu Neter, one will receive great benefit. From my limited understanding, it can be spelled both ways and still be correct, just as Hotep and Hetep are both acceptable spellings…