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Arit Neter S

Dua Sebai Maa for bringing this to our attention. As previously mentioned , the experience in Kemet was not exactly as had been envisioned. In fact, in spite of all of the wonderful moments and experiences, all of the fun, and sheer joy of the visit, the aspirant returned with heavy heart, yet only blamed herself. For not doing this not saying that, not establishing boundaries, not complaining enough (!!!) about the wifi, not insisting on certain things and conditions etc. In other words, for not being in control of every detail and moment, just going with the flow.

However, upon reflection, and much khak ab of attachment to outcome, and uhau (surrender to Cosmic Will), now able to see the experience for what it was, and able to gain the essence of the lessons learned. In other words, had wanted a certain type of spiritual experience, and received a different kind of spiritual experience. One that was balanced with mundane practical realities and incredibly powerful high vibration spiritual victories. What would be the value of being spiritual if unable to win over lower nature and world affairs? And what good is it to be a success in the material world, and yet ignorant of one’s divinity? A trip to Kemet that has BOTH must also be considered a success, just as the kind of experience where one is allowed to fully immerse oneself in the teachings and spirituality (because someone else is taking care of the details!) As long as it was not pure tourism/materialism, it is ALL GOOD!